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What Does a Personal Chef Do?

Chef Gathering VeggiesIf you love cooking, and you know that you want to pursue a career in the culinary world, you certainly have a wide variety of options to choose from. Many culinary school graduates go to on work in restaurants, simply because that is the most obvious and readily available career option in the industry. However, you might also choose to work outside of the traditional restaurant environment by working as a personal chef. [...Read More]

What’s the Deal With Upscale Ramen?

Ramen NoodlesAt the most basic level, ramen is a simple dish of noodles in a warm broth. As part of Japanese culinary history for centuries, and a part of the college student's diet the world over, ramen rarely made it onto the menu of an upscale restaurant. Today, however, a range of upscale eateries offer luxurious versions of ramen featuring specialty ingredients and beautiful presentation. What's the deal with the rising popularity of upscale ramen? [...Read More]

Culinary Trends Predicted for 2016: Part 2

Restaurant   In part one of the top culinary trends for 2016, we discussed predictions ranging from extreme brunch dishes all the way to digital ordering and delivery. However, there is still more to uncover, and culinary professionals around the world have offered their input and predictions for more of the top culinary trends we can expect to see in 2016. [...Read More]

2016’s Culinary Trends: Part 1

Outdoor RestaurantEvery year, the culinary world shifts in a new direction. Menus change, chefs explore new flavor combinations and consumers are eager to taste the next big thing. Although classic favorites are likely to find their way onto restaurant menus for years to come, there are plenty of new dishes, culinary offerings and restaurant styles that are predicted to crop up. [...Read More]

5 Wintertime Comfort Foods That Are Surprisingly Easy to Prepare

Mac and CheeseAs the temperature drops, it's natural for many people to spend more time enjoying indulgent, comforting foods. Cold salads and fresh fruit hold plenty of appeal in the summer, but winter calls for dishes that warm you up from the inside out. [...Read More]

5 Ways to Prepare to Be a Head Chef

Pretty Female Chef In the culinary world, the most prestigious career option is to work as a head chef. The head chef is the highest position in the kitchen, and it can take incredible skill, hard work and lots of training to achieve that title. If you're willing to put in the time and work it takes to become a head chef, the role can be fulfilling as well as potentially lucrative. [...Read More]

Is Vegetarianism Gaining Popularity in America?

Heart Shape of Veggies and Fruits   Eating a vegetarian diet is certainly not a new concept, and people have been avoiding meat for health, taste and ethical reasons for hundreds of years. In recent history, however, there has been a rise in the numbers of vegetarians in the United States. Five percent of Americans consider themselves to be vegetarian, and a portion of those numbers also adhere to a vegan diet, or one without any animal products like cheese, eggs or butter. [...Read More]

How to Set Healthy Eating Goals for 2016

Eat Healthy Now that 2016 has officially arrived, many people around the world are setting New Year's resolutions. While resolutions can vary significantly from person to person, they often revolve around the idea of eating healthier. After all, a few weeks of delicious holiday dining often leads to people who are ready to change to a more nutritious diet. [...Read More]

5 Major Benefits of a Travel and Tourism Degree

Travel and Tourism CareerTo secure many of the most fulfilling and lucrative careers around the world, you need to start by having a college degree. The right college degree can showcase your commitment to education, your training and your ability to follow through. [...Read More]

6 Reasons to Earn a Culinary Degree

Cooking Lesson with ChefIn order to achieve culinary success, you'll typically have to choose one of several routes. These can include becoming an apprentice and working your way up through the ranks for several years or earning a culinary degree. Attending a culinary school and earning a culinary degree is definitely one of the most comprehensive and exciting ways to explore the field. [...Read More]