How Can I Become a Restaurant Manager?

For many people, working in the hospitality industry is a dream come true. The shifts are often later in the day, many careers in hospitality allow you to meet interesting people from around the world, and it can be ideal for anyone with an outgoing personality. [...Read More]

How to Turn Culinary Passion Into a Career as a Caterer

Becoming a caterer is an appealing prospect to many. If you love food, you enjoy coming up with new recipes and planning parties is one of your favorite hobbies, then working as a caterer can feel like a dream job with the possibility of fun every day. [...Read More]

How Can I Get Into The Travel & Tourism Industry

For many people, there are few things more exciting than planning a trip to a new country, trying exotic fare from a brand-new culture, reading books about societies different from your own and even learning new languages.Unfortunately, a love of all things exotic doesn't always translate into a new career unless you have the degrees or certifications to back up that passion. [...Read More]

Wines Of Portugal – Special Collaboration With Top US Chefs

To demonstrate the nearly unbelievable versatility of Portuguese wines with different foods, Wines of Portugal will be presenting an exciting new program with a culinary focus in the U.S. this month. The program called ’10 Chefs / 10 Wineries’ will combine ten top Portuguese wine makers with ten of the top chefs in the United States. [...Read More]

Three Shops To Touch The Hearts Of Culinary Enthusiasts

When food-minded travelers plan a journey to a new city, their itinerary often starts not with the top tourist attractions but with where to wine and dine. For this very special type of tourist, browsing a state-of-the-art cookery shop can be just as exciting as visiting a famous historical site or a renowned art museum, and they usually come away with more functional souvenirs. While the three independent stores highlighted below have various specialties, they are all founded upon a deep knowledge and a passion for their respective culinary niches, making each of them a potential highlight for a culinary traveler’s next trip. [...Read More]

Indian Chef Ronak Nanda Wins Culinary Clash In The United States

The Mumbai-born chef Ronak Nanda has won this year’s Culinary Clash, a scholarship fundraiser and cooking competition for culinary students arranged by the San Francisco-based Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in partnership with Luce. The event took place at the InterContinental Hotel. [...Read More]

Chef Grant Gordon Shows Off His Skills In The Philippines

Scrumptious and tantalizing ‒ and that's not the food being referred to but the chef who is preparing it: one of the hottest young chefs in the United States, Grant Gordon. 27-year-old Grant was recently in charge of a two-day cooking demonstration at Pasay City’s Mall of Asia as part of the American Embassy in Manila’s America in 3D event. At the cooking demonstration Gordon prepared his favorite soup: shellfish and saffron veloute served with a mussel froth. The soup contains no less than 20 ingredients, according to the recipe released to the press, including the most expensive spice on earth: saffron. [...Read More]

Iron Chef Winner Cat Cora Has Some Advice For Future Chefs

When Cat Cora was only 15 years old she already had a clear idea about her future career and was already passionate about food. One day she sat down and drafted her first business plan, not realizing how the culinary world would explode in the near future. Cora eventually became America’s first female chef to win the Iron Chef of America competition. She has written books, created her own brand and designed a unique line of shoes, and her brand new TV show, America’s Best Cook, made its debut this past Sunday. [...Read More]

Chef’s Fare Event In New Jersey Proves To Be Very Popular

In culinary news from Hoboken in New Jersey, Pierce Dining Hall at the Stevens Institute of Technology decided to take a break from its usual dinner offerings; instead, students were welcomed with a live music performance and a number of fun activities, with a beach theme in addition to the main highlight of the evening: a selection of sumptuous dishes carefully prepared by chefs from three different universities ‒ SUNY New Paltz, Marist College and the Stevens Institute of Technology. [...Read More]

Chef François Payard Plans Surprise For Passover

One of the most renowned pastry chefs in the world is ready to reveal his latest creation for Passover, but for now he is keeping the details a secret. François Payard is only prepared to say that it will be based on matzah and stuffed with caramel. Payard explained: “We are working on something very special. The idea is that people not get tired of you. It’s about trying to create something new for the market.” [...Read More]