Coffee Becomes The New Favorite Of The Culinary Arts Industry

There are a growing number of coffee drinkers and baristas in the United States for whom coffee has become a very serious business indeed. Like the Slow Food movement, artisanal anything and craft beer, coffee is fast becoming not just a generic commodity but also a true culinary experience. Coffee, of a variety of qualities, is huge business in the US, with a market of between $30 billion and $32 billion per year; in fact, coffee has become humanity’s most popular drink after water and tea. [...Read More]

Interview With James Beard Award Winner Paul Kahan

Paul Kahan has won more awards than most other chefs in the United States, but do not expect to find him on a glitzy TV show. This computer scientist-turned-chef, who won the coveted James Beard Award for best chef last year, is very shy of the limelight; instead, he prefers to concentrate on his family and the couple of top Chicago restaurants he manages with his partners. The list includes nationally known restaurants such as The Publican and Blackbird. [...Read More]

Interview With Executive Chef Gerald Ward

The executive chef at Union Hospital in Maryland, Gerald Ward, spent his childhood years in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. He loved sports; he played basketball, baseball and football when he went to college. Somewhere along the line, however, he discovered his real passion: baking and cooking. The Cecil Daily, the oldest newspaper on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, recently interviewed the chef. When asked how he got started in the world of culinary arts, Ward replied that he attended a small college with one aim only: to play football. The college, however, had a baking class, which he enrolled for. It was about commercial baking and to his surprise he found that he enjoyed it immensely. [...Read More]

What The Job Of A Lodging Manager Involves

Individuals who love to work with people and learn more about the world should perhaps consider a career in travel and tourism. A degree in hospitality management, for example, could be the start of an exciting job as a lodging manager. The task of a lodging manager is to make sure that guests who are on business or a vacation have an enjoyable experience at a hotel, guesthouse, motel or other kind of establishment offering accommodation. They also have to ensure that the business is managed profitably and efficiently. [...Read More]

Cooking School Students Share Their Skills In Napa

On Saturday 22nd March 2014, Vasiliy Mezenov, a cooking student from CANV (Community Action Napa Valley) was busy chopping carrots in the kitchen of Rohlffs Manor. A couple of feet away was Dennis Maykowski, a student from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) overseeing his work. The 43-year-old Maykowski is a disabled veteran who used to be a United States Army medic and he currently attends the St Helena culinary school. Mezenov is one of five students participating in the CANV’s culinary teaching program. The three-month course, which is offered free of charge, made its debut five years ago back in 2009. It teaches cooking skills to low-income individuals and the homeless. [...Read More]

Chef Dale Miller Talks About His Career And Plans For The Future

Chef Dale Miller, who currently lives in Clifton Park, New York grew up in Tribes Hill, Amsterdam. In 1985 he relocated to the Capital District after being offered a job as executive sous chef by Albany Marriott on Wolf Road. Miller, one of 68 Certified Master Chefs in the United States, is currently the president of Master Chef Consulting Group LLC. In a recent interview with the Troy Record, Miller was asked when he earned the coveted Certified Master Chef distinction. He answered that it happened 18 years ago, back in April 1996. Miller is also Global Master Chef certified by the World Association of Chefs; there are only 800 of these in the world right now. He also belongs to the American Academy of Chefs, which he describes as “a sort of honor society of the ACF”. [...Read More]

Honoring The Women Who Helped Shape The US Culinary Industry

Nobody would ever dream of disputing the vital role women have played in the field of culinary arts in this country, or so it seemed until Time magazine caused a major commotion when it published a spread in November 2013 entitled Gods of Food. It was undoubtedly an ode to culinary professionals – but not a single female chef was included in the list. The ruckus had a ripple effect and next there were charts appearing in newspapers showing that there is a dearth of female representation at the country’s main food festivals. The New York Times joined the discussion in January, devoting a whole page in its dining section to the progress female chefs have made. [...Read More]

White House Pastry Chef Seeking Greener Pastures

Michelle Obama, the country’s first lady, will soon lose Bill Yosses, her beloved executive pastry chef – and she should partly carry the responsibility for this. He revealed in a telephone interview a couple of days ago that she has nurtured his interest in the close relationship that exists between good health and good food. The chef, who prepared the Hawaiian chocolate-malted ganache when the French president was entertained at the White House, will now head to New York, where he will teach adults and children about the benefits of eating better. Yosses describes his move to New York as “a bittersweet decision.” [...Read More]

Chef Mario Batali To Take Part In Vegas Uncork’d For The First Time

So far 2014 has been a very busy year for professional chef Mario Batali. Not only does he have to look after his two Eataly marketplaces – including the new one in Chicago – and 26 restaurants, he will also be taking part in Vegas Uncork’d. As with most other things the man does, his participation will not be small. He will participate in more than one event, including The Night Market: East Meets West, which will take place at The Venetian. This event will enable guests to enjoy a wide variety of Asian-inspired dishes and drinks. [...Read More]

Renowned Team of American Chefs Visit Milan in Northern Ohio

Representatives from one of the premier competitive teams on earth visited Milan, Ohio on Saturday, raising funds to train for a contest that will take place in January 2015. Precision, talent, focus, skill, and cooperative spirit…the American team members brought it all. What contest are these culinary experts headed to? The Bocuse d’Or, held in the French city of Lyon every two years. It was named in honor of renowned French chef Paul Bocuse and it has become one of the most prestigious cooking contests on earth; so famous that it is often referred to as ‘The Culinary Olympics’. [...Read More]