Chef Lidia Gives Commonsense Tips For Home Chefs And Restaurant Owners

In her 11th cookbook, Lidia Bastianich details useful techniques for home chefs and offers some commonsense advice on how to prepare moist meatballs, creamy risotto and similar popular Italian dishes. The book is aptly called Lidia’s Commonsense Italian Cooking. The internationally awarded chef is the co-owner of no less than six Italian restaurants, four of which are in New York, one in Kansas City and one in Pittsburgh. 66-year-old Lidia was born in the Croatian city of Pula, which was once part of Italy. She recently talked to Reuters about her book and provided some tips for home cooks. Replying to a question about what her commonsense approach in the kitchen was, Lidia replied: “You cook pasta. You put the cover on the pot. You save a third of the energy. You put the pasta in boiling water. It cooks faster and it does not stick together.” [...Read More]

Nashville Chef Jimmy Phillips Says Cooking Is A Form Of Art

The new executive chef at Music City Tippler, Jimmy Phillips, has an expansive restaurant repertoire that includes the former Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago and Miel. He has already designed a brand new share-friendly menu for Music City Tippler. recently interviewed Phillips and discussed his return to the area and the new ideas he has for the restaurant. When asked how he ended up in cooking, Phillips said that he had always been a cook. Food was in his blood from his childhood days. He eventually attended culinary school and worked under no less than eight James Bear Foundation (JBF) Award-winning chefs during his career. [...Read More]

Taster’s Guild Auction At Great Lakes Culinary Institute

On Friday February 28th the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, which is affiliated to Northwestern Michigan College, will present its Taster’s Guild Auction. This yearly event boasts a strolling dinner featuring cuisine from around the world prepared by students of Great Lakes Culinary Institute. The dishes will be served at over a dozen tasting tables at various spots throughout the campus. Samples of international, regional and local wines will also be on offer and attendees will get a chance to bid on a variety of auction items that highlight the best that northern Michigan has to offer. These include: [...Read More]

Chefs Compete To Raise Money For Charity

High-profile culinary events are often stressful for the participating professional chefs. If the chefs have to prepare meals for their peers, it is even more of a challenge. At a recent event Golden Nugget Atlantic City’s culinary operations director, Bobby Hettmannsperger, said: “With every big chef here, it’s very special – and it’s very stressful. But I’m glad to do it.” The particular occasion he was referring to was the 42nd yearly Presidents Charity Scholarship Ball, organized by the South Jersey Chapter of the American Culinary Federation Professional Chefs Association. [...Read More]

James Beard Foundation Announces Semi-Finalists For 2014 Awards

On Thursday the James Beard Foundation announced the theme for this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards and also the names of the semi-finalists for the Restaurant and Chef Awards in what has become the most prestigious award program in the culinary industry.The live press conference was held in Orlando, Florida, which is home to a flourishing independent restaurant scene and a vibrant farm-to-table movement.The official tourism association of Orlando, Visit Orlando, was the host during the event. This was the fist time the names of the semi-finalists were announced at a live press conference. [...Read More]

Culinary Historian Sheds Light On Eating Habits Of Our Presidents

If the White House’s kitchen walls could talk, they would most likely tell fascinating stories about the country’s presidents and their eating habits. In February the country honors two of its most influential leaders: George Washington (born February 22nd 1732) and Abraham Lincoln (born February 12th 1809). A culinary historian at Providence-based Johnson & Wales University says the United States’ presidents’ perception of what constitutes cuisine was as diverse as their politics. [...Read More]

New Orleans’ Restaurants Prepare For Mardi Gras

People who visit New Orleans for the annual Mardi Gras festivities will undoubtedly find numerous hot dog and pizza stands and carts selling cotton candy along the parade route; however, those who prefer fine dining will not be disappointed. Some of the finest cuisine in the city can be enjoyed along St Charles Avenue, which is the main venue for the largest and glitziest processions during carnival season. A number of restaurants will even boast grandstands that place viewers slightly above the thousands of people that will line the street during the festivities. [...Read More]

Berlin Culinary Film Festival Feeds Both Mind And Body

The hot new sensation in Berlin right now is movies and macaroni; at least this is what is happening at this year’s Culinary Cinema at Berlin’s culinary film festival, the Berlinale.For individuals with an appetite for stimulating both their senses and their minds, food and film make a perfect combination: they feed both the brain and the body. Attendees of this yearly film festival are treated to a week-long immersion program consisting of food with films and films about food. They certainly never leave hungry. [...Read More]

Mike Adkins Becomes Chief Operating Officer At Foundations Hospitality

Yesterday it was announced that Foundations Hospitality has appointed Mike Adkins as its first chief operating officer. Adkins was formerly a member of the Brand Performance Support team at Hampton Hotels. For the last six years Adkins held a number of positions within the Hampton Hotel Group, from supporting more than 125 hotels in the Mid-Atlantic area to forming part of the central BPS team that supported around 1,900 Hampton Hotels all over the world in the areas of service and product. [...Read More]

American Culinary Students Create Biggest Praline In The World

Over two thousand high school culinary students guaranteed themselves a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records when they created the biggest praline in the world, with donations provided by US Foods and the Georgia Pecan Commission. The 531lb piece of confectionery was created to commemorate the Hospitality Education Foundation of Georgia’s tenth yearly Career Expo, which took place at the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta on February 7th 2014. The culinary students beat the former record by 90lbs. [...Read More]