DBGB Pastry Chef Talks About Her Favorite Pastries And More

Unlike many other children, the pastry chef at DBGB, Myriam Eberhardt, knew precisely what she wanted to become when she grew up. [...Read More]

Executive Chefs On Board Cruise Ships Explore The World

Silk Road: Guests on the Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity can experience the Peruvian- and European-influenced Japanese cuisine that has become the trademark of Chef Nobuyuki 'Nobu' Matsuhisa. He serves up delicacies such as rock shrimp tempura, salmon tartare and miso-marinated black cod. [...Read More]

Event Planner Talks About Trends In The Industry

For 23-year-old Loryn Meisch from Aurora, there is no better job than her current one in the hospitality industry. She recently obtained a degree in hospitality management at Northern Illinois University; not long after, the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Hotel offered her a job as executive sales assistant. Every day she deals with calls from firms looking for a venue to hold large-scale events for more than 300 guests. Meisch says that one of the biggest challenges in event planning, whether for a wedding or a corporate event, is choosing the right date. She added: “Some times of year are very busy and harder to book. Some days of the week are generally busier than others too.” It is much easier if the client’s schedule is reasonably flexible. [...Read More]

Restaurant Management Programs Can Lead To Excellent Career Prospects

Applying for a college degree program in restaurant management is a great way to improve long-term career earning power. Restaurant management courses cover all the aspects of running a successful restaurant, which means such a qualification can be the start of a rewarding career. [...Read More]

Many Job Opportunities In Hospitality Industry

Perhaps the most unusual career at the Boston Harbor Hotel is that of zamboni operator, whose job it is to keep the ice rink situated under the well-known archway on Rowes Wharf functioning properly. With the four-star Meritage restaurant, a wine festival, a lovely spa and other amenities, services job opportunities at the Boston Harbor Hotel run the gamut from massage therapists to bartenders. In 2013 Boston Harbor Hotel’s employees nominated it as one of the globe’s top ten places to work. [...Read More]

University Of North Carolina At Pembroke Gets Exciting New Eatery

Brown Dining Service used to be an eatery at the Pembroke Campus of the University of North Carolina. The venue has recently undergone a major transformation. It is difficult to believe that the same Brown Dining Service that used to serve greasy and burned grilled cheese sandwiches and exhausted, bland green beans will in future be offering zesty, made-to-order stir-fried vegetables and mouth-watering crispy pizzas freshly baked in the on-site stone hearth. [...Read More]

Three Chefs Make Their Dreams Come True In The Caribbean

To be a chef does not mean having to spend hours in the kitchen in some forgotten little eatery in the outback. After obtaining a qualification as a professional chef, the world is literally your oyster. Becoming a celebrity chef on a cruise ship or ending up as an executive chef on a tropical island might not happen to everyone, but it is certainly a possibility. Today we will focus on three restaurants in the Caribbean where, after serving their patrons with delicious meals, the chefs are enjoying the sun and the sea. [...Read More]

Sofitel New York Appoints New Manager

The new hotel manager of the prestigious Sofitel in New York is Marc Pichot-Moise. He brings 17 years of experience in international hospitality management to the midtown-based luxury hotel. Balendra Nagesvaran, the group’s area general manager, said: "Marc is an excellent hotelier whose years of training in classic French hospitality make him ideally suited to manage the Sofitel New York." Nagesvaran added that Sofitel was very pleased to welcome Pichot-Moise to the team and that it trusted he would be a great ambassador for the brand. [...Read More]

A Big Comeback For Pastry Chefs

For many people, the dessert is the highlight of their meal. They can’t wait for that rich rice pudding consisting of candied pistachios, chocolate cremeus, frozen and dehydrated mandarin and a crumble made with delicious ground pistachios. The dessert's superb deliciousness shows little of all the effort that went into its creation. Behind the fruit, cream and chocolate lie years of acquiring the necessary skills and many hours of hard work. [...Read More]

Jon Sloan To Be Chef De Cuisine At New San Diego Restaurant

The highly sought-after job at one of the most talked-about restaurants in San Diego has been filled. When the restaurant opens its doors in March, Jon Sloan will be the chef de cuisine at Juniper & Ivy.  Sloan, who until recently was the executive chef cum partner at Roy's San Diego Waterfront, has been a chef in San Diego for the past six years. He spent the biggest part of his formative culinary years in the Pacific Northwest, working in highly-regarded kitchens. Chef Sloan will be working along Richard Blais, a native of San Diego and Top Cheffer, who will be the executive chef at Juniper & Ivy. [...Read More]