Family Recipes Could Be Secret To Immigrant Success

Many of the women who come from as far afield as Iraq, Syria and South Sudan arrived in America with next to nothing. Refugees routinely have to leave all their property behind and spend what money they still have in order to make the journey from their homelands; however, support organization Iskashitaa recognized that in one regard these women are rich. They carry with them culinary secrets passed down for generations; by making use of these secrets, they could transform their lives. [...Read More]

Gingerbread Wonders

  [...Read More]

Kulinarya Brings Filipino Food to San Francisco

The fourth annual Kulinarya Filipino food showcase was held in San Francisco on Saturday, with food fans traveling from far afield to sample to delights on offer.  It featured a bazaar, food and wine tasting opportunities and the Kulinarya Showdown, in which top chefs competed to produce the most impressive examples of traditional cuisine. [...Read More]

The Pie’s The Limit

Everybody loves pie. It is cheerful, friendly and an American classic – it reminds us of home. In Washington DC, one man loves it so much that he has decided to devote his future to creating it. This man is Acme Pie Co founder Sol Schott. [...Read More]

US Culinary Team Comes Second In Dubai

“This was such an incredible experience representing the United States and the flavors of American cuisine on an international stage,” said Detroit chef Brian Beland, who was thrilled to be taking home gold from the inaugural Dubai World Hospitality Championship last week.  It was not quite the top prize – in Dubai, you get gold for coming second – but it is still a prize to be proud of from an event that brought together top culinary teams from around the world. [...Read More]

New Technology in Taste Simulation Promises Many Uses

Fans of Willy Wonka may remember a fictional invention that could beam a chocolate bar through the airwaves so it could be pulled from the TV screen and eaten.  We have not gotten quite that far, but a new device is making it possible to transmit tastes; therefore, it could soon be commonplace to sample food at a distance. [...Read More]

Phones Off For Cheap Food

It is becoming almost as common to hear people complaining about the use of phones in restaurants as it is to hear the phones themselves.  Now one restaurant has come up with a solution – turn the phone off and you can get your food half price. [...Read More]

Barbados Food And Wine And Rum Festival Opens Friday

On a cold winter’s day, the thought of getting away to spend some time in Barbados is bound to appeal to many.  Just to add to the temptation, this Friday sees the opening of the fourth annual Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival, a celebration of Caribbean cuisine set to be attended by leading chefs and food lovers from all around the world. [...Read More]

Cranberries – The Healthiest Part Of The Thanksgiving Feast

What is the healthiest part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner?  Some people might think of the turkey, with health campaigns encouraging people to eat more poultry in place of red meat.  Others might think of the potatoes, which research in recent years has revealed to be full of useful nutrients.  Still others will plump straight for the green veg.  In fact it is the cranberries, once thought of simply as a garnish.  Thanks to a new review, they may be looming a little larger than usual on this year’s seasonal menus. [...Read More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Expanding In Memphis

As America’s restaurant sector emerges from recession, one area is ahead of the pack: fast food.  Now Dunkin’ Donuts has announced that it intends to open 12 new restaurants in the Memphis area by 2020, almost tripling its presence there.  Coming just a month after it revealed plans for 27 new outlets in California, and two weeks after it promised to open 12 in Detroit, this will be welcome news for those looking for entry-level jobs in the food industry. [...Read More]