Tricks and Treats

Millions of families around the world will be carving Halloween lanterns and preparing pumpkin pies from their insides tonight, but there are many more traditional foods associated with this occasion.  With roots in the Irish equinox festival of Samhain and the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, Halloween is associated with strong culinary traditions. [...Read More]

New Culinary Library For New Orleans

It will have almost 12,000 cookbooks and more than 5,000 menus.  It will be the biggest culinary-themed book collection in the south and someday, it is hoped, the biggest in the world.  The soFAB Culinary Library in New Orleans officially opens to the public at 2pm this afternoon. [...Read More]

Culinary Institute Supports Indigenous Australian Chefs

It is famously difficult to give young people from disadvantaged groups the confidence they need to succeed in top professions.  This is as true in cooking as anywhere else, but a new approach in Australia is beginning to change things for its indigenous people.  Its National Indigenous Culinary Institute (NICI) is searching for the most promising young chefs among the country’s indigenous communities and persuading Australia’s most highly acclaimed executive chefs to mentor them. [...Read More]

Ice Cream Craze Hits Malaysia

Ice cream has long been a popular dish in Malaysia; however, a new craze for exotic flavors has it tipped to be the next gourmet sensation, with leading restaurants in  Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya competing to produce the most appealing frozen fancies.  Although big players such as Walls, Nestlé and New Zealand brand Kapiti are moving into the market, the local preference is still very much for local dishes and for ice cream parlors where adults and kids can find their taste buds tickled. [...Read More]

Chocolate Heaven

Parisian chocoholics are set to fall in love next week when the World Chocolate Masters holds its grand final at the Salon du Chocolat Professionel.  As the event is broadcast on networks around the world, others will be able to join in the thrill, root for local culinary heroes or just drool over the fantastic sculptures and delicious deserts on display.  When it is all over, they will be able to download the recipes and try them out at home. [...Read More]

Korean Cooking Takes NYC By Storm

Here comes the dol samgyupsal, the gochujang and the kimchi.  It is Korean Restaurant Week in New York City, a brand new festival in a city well known for its love of food, and so far it is going down a treat.  With 25 restaurants participating, it is an opportunity to try celebrated dishes at knock-down prices and a fantastic opportunity for students from local cooking schools to sample something unusual. [...Read More]

A Throwaway Success

Since tough financial times started making it more difficult for many families to put food on the table, increasing attention has been paid to the amount of food that gets thrown away either by private householders who do not get round to eating it, by supermarkets that overstock, or by farmers who decide it is too odd-looking to sell.  Most people agree that this is a scandal, but what can be done about it?  One restaurant in Copenhagen has taken a stand.  It is turning thrown away food into gourmet delights that attract an eager crowd of customers every night. [...Read More]

European Network Protects Culinary Heritage

It is a fantastic resource for culinary arts specialists and an important contributor to the preservation of Europe’s food heritage.  The European Food Information Resource Network (EuroFIR) is cataloging recipes from 21 different member countries to preserve them for posterity and to create a database that can be accessed by chefs and restaurant managers all around the world. [...Read More]

A Taste Of Tambo

Bolivia’s biggest food festival was held this weekend, attracting culinary arts professionals from all around the world and offering a taste of some truly unusual ingredients.  Held in La Paz, the second annual Tambo festival showcased traditional Bolivian ingredients including some found deep in the Amazon jungle and very rarely encountered by outsiders. [...Read More]

Hot In The Kitchen: Chiefs vs Chefs

Arlington, Virginia was the place to be on Wednesday night for a sizzling competition – the annual Chiefs vs Chefs cooking competition.  The contest saw Arlington Fire Department pit its top six station cooks against five of the area’s best known chefs, with all the ingredients coming from the supply cupboard of the Arlington Food Assistance Center. [...Read More]