Your Guide to Milwaukee’s Culinary Landscape

As the largest city in the state, Milwaukee is a major hub for politics, culture and history. What food lovers will appreciate most, however, is that the city also has a thriving culinary landscape. Whatever your preferences or budget, you can easily find some incredible food in the city. Aspiring culinary students are definitely catching on to this fact, which is why the many Milwaukee cooking schools are experiencing enrollment rates like they have never seen before. If you are passionate about food, restaurant management or even cake decorating, the a cooking certificate or degree from one of the city's culinary schools might be a great choice. Discover more about the incredible culinary landscape and your opportunities to attend culinary school in Wisconsin. [...Read More]

Find Out More About The Culinary Offerings in Sacramento, California

Whether you are just passing through, on a longer vacation or in the city to attend culinary school, you will definitely want to see what the city of Sacramento has to offer hungry diners. The diversity of the culinary landscape here is impressive, and residents as well as visitors can find international fare, affordable meals on the go and upscale gourmet meals in stunning settings. For aspiring culinary professionals, the city is also a great place to get your training, enjoy a more affordable cost of living and still be within driving distance of places like San Francisco and Reno. Here are just a few of the best restaurants that you can visit if you choose to attend one of the many great Sacramento chef schools. [...Read More]

Uncover What Jacksonville Offers Culinary Students

When aspiring culinary students first start dreaming about where to attend cooking school, they often focus on the bigger culinary hotspots like New York, Chicago or San Francisco. While these are certainly exciting cities, they are not always the best spot to get your education. Instead, you might want to choose a destination that offers the amenities of a big city but the charms of the South. Jacksonville, located on the Atlantic Coast of Florida, is a wonderful destination. Along with great weather and plenty of attractions, it boasts a diverse culinary landscape and some fantastic nightlife. Discover what Jacksonville can offer you when you attend a culinary school. [...Read More]

Discover the Appeal of West Boylston Culinary Schools

If you imagine some of the biggest culinary hot spots in the United States, it might be places like Chicago, New York or Boston that come to mind. Living, working and studying in these thriving metropolises can be very exciting, but it can also be expensive and overwhelming to some culinary students. For that reason, many of the very best culinary students are found just a short distance outside of a major city. Students are still able to head into the nearby city whenever they want to, but they can also enjoy the lower prices and outdoor recreation opportunities right in their backyard. If you are picking out destinations for your culinary training, give some though to West Boylston culinary schools. Here are just a few of the reasons that so many aspiring culinary students are deciding to get their training in this Massachusetts town. [...Read More]

5 Reasons That St. Charles, Illinois is a Great Place for Culinary Students

One of the most important parts of training to become a culinary professional is to attend a cooking school. Even if you plan to work in restaurant management or become a wine pairing expert, culinary arts institutes can prepare for you careers in this competitive industry. To many students, the best way to get into the field is to attend cooking school in a big city. While this can be a great choice for some, smaller towns might make a better option. Discover why destinations like St Charles, Illinois might actually be the perfect place for aspiring culinary professionals to get their culinary arts education. [...Read More]

Begin Your Culinary Career in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Despite Tulsa's impressive collection of Art Deco architecture, beautiful rolling terrain and a cosmopolitan culture, it is often forgotten when students narrow down locations for culinary school. While there are certainly some fabulous options on the east and west coasts of the United States, it is important not to forget about everything that exists in the middle. If you are looking for culinary diversity, a beautiful destination, a surprisingly low cost of living, plenty of career opportunities and a friendly local population, then look no further than Tulsa Oklahoma for the right chef school to help you prepare for a culinary career. [...Read More]

Head to Columbus to Advance Your Culinary Career

Although there is certainly no shortage of culinary arts schools across the globe, the city of Columbus has a high concentration of schools to choose from. Whether you are interested in becoming the owner of a small bakery, a caterer, a private chef or the head chef of a bustling downtown restaurant, you will first have to learn the basics by attending a cooking school. If you are ready to narrow down your options and decide on a school, be sure to give Columbus, Ohio some serious consideration. Here are just a few of the reasons that Columbus Ohio cooking schools are such a smart choice. [...Read More]

6 Reasons to Pick a Charlotte Culinary School

If you were to ask any leading culinary professional about how they got to where they are today, they might tell you that it was a combination of training, experience and hard work. The hard work has to come from you, but the training and experience can both come from attending a culinary arts school. There are hundreds of these schools to choose from, but a number of aspiring culinary students are getting excited about the prospect of studying in Charlotte, North Carolina. This city is an exciting and vibrant destination, and it offers a lot for students who are attending a Charlotte cooking school. [...Read More]

Learn the Art of New Mexican Cuisine at an Albuquerque Cooking School

As the largest city in the state of New Mexico, Albuquerque is also the unofficial capital of New Mexican cuisine. This kind of food is a true melting pot of influences from a range of different groups and cultures. New Mexican food draws on flavors, techniques and ingredients from Spain, the Mediterranean, Mexico, regional Native American tribes and even the cowboy chuckwagon culture. The result is a variety of dishes that are similar to Southwestern fare, but there are some significant differences. If you are serious about mastering the art of this style of cooking, then you will definitely want to attend one of the many excellent Albuquerque culinary schools. Here are some of the perks of attending these institutions within the state. [...Read More]

Discover What Lincoln, Nebraska Offers Culinary Students

Although the city of Lincoln is actually the capital of Nebraska as well as the second-largest city in the state, it is far from a teeming metropolis. Home to roughly one-quarter of a million people, it still retains a friendly Midwestern feel that is inviting and warm whether you are visiting for a weekend or staying for a decade. The city was once known for a rather homogenous culture and a lack of culinary diversity, but all of that has changed over the past 30 years. Today, it is an exciting place to attend culinary school, and aspiring culinary professionals will have lots to see and do in the city. Here are just some of the perks of attending one of the many excellent Lincoln cooking schools. [...Read More]