Discover the Appeal of Boston Cooking Schools

Female ChefWithin the United States, there are a handful of cities that stand out as true dining destinations. Boston is undoubtedly one of those cities, and it is bursting with restaurants serving up exotic fare, unique flavor combinations and authentic cuisine from every corner of the globe. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that Boston culinary schools are among the best in the nation. Here are some of the perks of attending a cooking school in the capital of Massachusetts. [...Read More]

Discover Bluegrass Culture at a Culinary School in Kentucky

ChefWhen it comes to choosing a culinary school, you will want to look at the graduation rate over the past several years, the kinds of careers that students pursue after graduation and the quality of the teaching staff who work at the culinary school. However, it is important to note that the location is also important. Most culinary professionals will opt to work where they went to school, which is due to the networking that you do while attending a culinary arts school. If you love horses, a youthful culture and the charms of the Southern United States, then one of the fabulous Lexington cooking schools might be the perfect fit for you. [...Read More]

Train For a Culinary Career in Des Moines, Iowa

Executive ChefThere are many different paths that you can take on your way to a culinary career, but there is no question that attending a cooking school will get you there in the least amount of time. Whether you want to open up your own restaurant, become a cake decorator or even work as a buyer for a large chain of restaurants, you will first need to get the right training and learn from professionals in your field. While there are hundreds of potential schools to choose from, Des Moines cooking schools are the ideal choice for someone who loves food festivals, a friendly community and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Here are some of the best reasons to consider attending one of the many Iowa cooking schools in Des Moines. [...Read More]

Discover Why Indianapolis is a Top Place to Attend Culinary School

Pastry Chef Indianapolis, better known to many as the Racing Capital of the World, is a top destination for those who want to explore the Midwestern United States, enjoy a scenic urban location in Indiana and explore one of the many arts and cultural attractions that the city has to offer. Over the past few years, an increasing number of aspiring culinary professionals are also turning to Indianapolis cooking schools for the training they need to become chefs, private caterers and restaurant managers. If you are interested in any kind of career in cooking, baking or hospitality, then earning a culinary certificate or degree of some kind can be a great choice. Here are some of the top reasons that chef schools in Indiana are so popular. [...Read More]

Learn the Secrets of Cajun Cooking in New Orleans, Louisiana

When you think of Cajun or Creole cooking, there is a good chance that you think immediately of Louisiana and its most famous city, New Orleans. The Big Easy, as New Orleans is sometimes called, is definitely a major tourism attraction thanks to picturesque French architecture and one of the most incredible nightlife landscapes in the country. However, it is also a top place to discover the art of Cajun and Creole cooking. Here are some of the reasons to attend New Orleans culinary schools on your path to a successful culinary career. [...Read More]

Discover 5 Good Reasons to Attend a Baltimore Cooking School

Chef With HerbsWith its picturesque location on the Chesapeake Bay, its proximity to the American capital of Washington, D.C. and its vibrant nightlife, Baltimore is a top tourism destination in the United States. If you are interested in training to become a culinary professional, then you might also want to consider Baltimore cooking schools for your culinary education. Schools there offer a range of specializations in everything from baking to catering, and you can easily find a program that fits your personal requirement. Whatever your culinary interests, here are the top five perks of attending chef schools in Baltimore, Maryland. [...Read More]

Attend a Culinary School in Hawaii and Learn to Cook in Paradise

ChefAlthough there are many of us who would love nothing more than to pick up and move to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii, aspiring chefs can make it a reality by attending one of the many Honolulu cooking schools. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, and it boasts a combination of urban attractions, a tourism-based industry and truly stunning beaches. If you are interested in living in paradise, trying diverse culinary offerings from around the world and preparing for a lucrative career, then enrolling in Honolulu culinary schools might be the best choice for your future. [...Read More]

The Benefits of Attending a Culinary School in Boise, Idaho

ChefAs the capital of Idaho, the city of Boise is a thriving and exciting destination for travelers and residents. Nature lovers will appreciate the location of the city, which is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and has the Boise River winding through it. Although Idaho has a reputation for its potato industry, there is a lot more to the culinary landscape than just spuds. In fact, Boise cooking schools are some of the best options in the country, and aspiring culinary professionals will definitely want to look into their options in Idaho. Here are some of the biggest benefits of attending one of the many chef schools in Boise. [...Read More]

Train to Become a Chef in Boulder, Colorado

Mountain CafeWhile many of the most prestigious and well-known culinary institutes around the world are located in bustling cities, not every aspiring culinary professional wants to work or live among skyscrapers. For decades, the city of Boulder has been known as a kind of anti-city that boasts incredible scenery, amazing opportunities for outdoor recreation and an Eco-friendly atmosphere among locals. Boulder cooking schools often put an emphasis on local ingredients, organic produce and sustainable living, which are all things that the local community values. If this sounds like the kind of place where you would like to train in the culinary arts, then learn more about what it is like to live, work and eat in Boulder, Colorado. [...Read More]

5 Reasons to Attend Culinary School in Anchorage, Alaska

ChefWhen most aspiring restaurant professionals think of the country's culinary hotspots, they imagine the big cities like Chicago, New York and San Francisco, each of which has a solid reputation for cutting-edge cuisine. However, places like Anchorage, Alaska, can also be wonderful destinations for culinary arts training. Since there is far less competition, there is a real chance for you to get a job utilizing your talents in the kitchen. Here are five additional reasons to consider attending one of the many Anchorage cooking schools. [...Read More]