5 Reasons to Become a Chef in Minneapolis, Minnesota

In order to secure a successful career as a chef, you will need to get the proper training and education. The best way to do this is by attending a cooking school or culinary institute, both of which can offer the perfect courses to teach you about baking, pastry arts, sauces and more. Although you will have countless options when it comes to picking the perfect culinary school, the largest city in Minnesota might be a smart place to consider. Discover the top five reasons to attend a Minneapolis cooking school. [...Read More]

Earn Your Culinary Degree in Springfield, Massachusetts

Chefs in TrainingWhen you pick out the perfect culinary school, there are a lot of things that you might look for. You will want a cooking school that offers top-notch teaching staff, a school that provides students with a range of culinary courses to choose from and one that has high graduation and placement rates within the culinary industry. If you are planning to relocate to attend culinary school, the location will also be incredibly important. One of the up and coming culinary school destinations in the United States is city of Springfield. Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, the city has culture, excitement and a youthful population, and it could be the perfect place for you to get your culinary education. [...Read More]

5 Reasons to Attend Culinary School in San Francisco

San FranciscoSan Francisco is often considered to be the culinary capital of the United States. After all, it boasts one restaurant for every 250 residents, which is significantly more than any other major city in the nation. However, there is quality and diversity as well as quantity. You can find food from around the world in this coastal Californian city, and there is no shortage of gourmet fare as well as affordable street food. To become a top culinary professional, consider attending a San Francisco culinary school for one or all of these five reasons. [...Read More]

Begin Your Culinary Career in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia PeachesOne of the largest and most influential cities in the South is Atlanta. With rich historical significance, dozens of wonderful museums and galleries, a welcoming population and a warm climate, it is easy to see the overall appeal for travelers from around the world. Believe it or not, the city is also at the forefront of culinary development in the American South. Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts may be able to benefit from attending one of the fantastic Atlanta cooking schools available. [...Read More]

Get Your Culinary Education in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale-AZScottsdale is well-known in Arizona and throughout the United States as an upscale travel destination. Since it is home to many golf courses and shopping centers, it brings in a lot of wealthy clientèle who are happy to splurge a little during their getaway. It should come as no surprise to learn that the city also boasts an impressive culinary landscape. With a nickname like the Beverly Hills of the Desert, this region offers great weather, lots of opportunities to sample gourmet fare and some of the top cooking schools in the nation. If you are serious about becoming a culinary professional, discover why attending a cooking school in Scottsdale could be the key to your success. [...Read More]

Uncover the Exciting Culinary Scene in Tallahassee

Tallahassee Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida, but it is often passed over by tourists who head further south to bigger tourism destinations like Orlando and Panama City. However, the capital is a vibrant cultural destination full of incredible restaurants and a diverse population. If you love food and want to become a culinary professional, cooking schools in Tallahassee are a fantastic place to get your start. [...Read More]

Find a Career in the Tourism Capital of Orlando, Florida

Orlando FLWhen most people think of Orlando, they imagine the sprawling amusement parks, the warm weather and the close access to some of the best beaches in Florida. What you might not immediately think of, however, is the number of job opportunities in this city. As a tourism capital that boasts several major amusement parks, hundreds of hotels, dozens of golf courses and several conference and convention centers, Orlando receives over 52 million visitors each year. Of course, each of those travelers need to eat. Here are some of the many job opportunities available to those who attend a culinary school in Orlando, Florida. [...Read More]

Prepare for Your Culinary Career at a San Diego Chef School

San Diego CAThe city of San Diego is located right on the coast of Southern California, which puts it in one of the warmest and most beautiful destinations in the United States. Of course, being situated next to the Pacific Ocean and offering plenty of sunshine means that seafood is one of the top options for diners in the area. Tourists come to San Diego for business, to attend one of the great schools in the city, to visit Sea World and to relax on the beach, but almost all of them will enjoy some fresh local seafood while they are in town. Discover how attending a culinary school in San Diego can help you become a successful seafood chef. [...Read More]

Pursue Your Dream of Becoming a Celebrity Chef at Los Angeles Culinary Schools

Handsome ChefLos Angeles is one of the few places where you can combine your dreams of becoming a respected chef and becoming a celebrity. Thanks to many different reality cooking shows and chef competitions, it is possible to be both a successful cook and a celebrity with book deals or television shows. If you are serious about your goal of becoming a celebrity chef, then there is nowhere better to study than Los Angeles, California. Find the right culinary school for you in L.A. [...Read More]

Work in the Up-and-Coming Culinary Hotspot of Houston, Texas

Houston Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, and there is no shortage of attractions, landmarks and museums available for travelers and local residents to explore. One of the biggest reasons to visit the area, however, is the blossoming culinary landscape. The reasons for this rise seem to be the diversity of the city's population and the growing interest of local residents when it comes to what they eat. Either way, the culinary hotspot is a wonderful place to aspiring culinary professionals to live, work and dine. [...Read More]