A Typical Day in the Life of a Chef

Chef with PieFor those who love cooking and eating, working in a restaurant can seem like a glamorous career. After all, you don't have to wear a stuffy suit, work in an office or maintain the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule. Many of the individuals interested in restaurant employment like the idea of flexible schedules, not having to get up early in the morning and pursuing their passion for food as a full-time career. Although there are many, many wonderful things about the culinary industry, it is worth noting that restaurant employment is tough. Here is a sample schedule for a typical day in the life of a chef. [...Read More]

What Will I Learn with a Food and Beverage Operations Certificate?

Bar ManagerWhen most people think of careers in the culinary industry, they think primarily of the men and women who work in the kitchen to prepare soups, salads, entrees and desserts. However, there are a lot of people who come together to create a dining experience. If you want to work in a food or beverage setting, but you don't necessarily want to become an executive chef, then a food and beverage operations certificate might be the perfect solution. These certificates take less time to complete than full associate or bachelor's degrees, but they can prepare you just as well for a career in food and beverage management. Here are some of the key things you can expect to learn when earning your food and beverage operations certificate. [...Read More]

Will A Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management Help Me Become a Guest Services Manager?

Hotel Manager For outgoing people with bubbly personalities, a career in guest services may be the perfect fit. Your time will be spent greeting guests, meeting special requests and ensuring that all customers or clients are happy. Guest services managers typically work in hotels, but they may also find employment in spas, museums, cruise ships or even amusement parks. If you are interested in becoming a guest services manager, one of the key ways to prepare is with a bachelor's degree in hotel management. Here are just a few of the things that you will learn through this degree program that can help you prepare for the career. [...Read More]

How Do I Become a Bar Manager at a Restaurant?

Manager Bar_RestaurantWorking in a bar can be a lot of fun. The hours can be long and the work demanding, but many bartenders love chatting with guests, mixing drinks and have a nontraditional work schedule. Unfortunately, many bar staff don't enjoy the security of a regular salary and a fixed schedule. In order to enjoy more of these benefits, you will want to earn a position as a bar manager. A restaurant bar manager, for example, will be in charge of the bar staff, oversee purchases for the bar and work fixed hours at the restaurant. If you want to become a bar manager yourself, the following tips can all help in a big way. [...Read More]

What is Food Service Management and What Type of Degree Do I Need to Earn?

If you love food, then the natural career choice path might be to head to culinary school. However, not everyone wants to actually cook food. Some people simply enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the restaurant, or they may prefer to interact with diners rather than being stuffed away in the kitchen. For anyone with the desire to pursue a career in food service management, getting the right education is key. The best option is with a bachelor's degree in food service management. Here are some answers to the most important question around food service bachelor's degrees in the field and career opportunities for graduates. [...Read More]

Should I Earn a Certificate or an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts?

Young Chefs Generally speaking, there are two major things that can help aspiring chefs to secure employment and find impressive salaries in a competitive industry. These two things are education and experience. Experience, of course, only comes over time. For those interested individuals who don't want to have to work their way up the restaurant chain for a decade or longer in order to get a position they enjoy, education might be a better option. Many aspiring culinary professionals need to choose between a formal two-year degree and a certificate, and this guide helps to explains the pros and cons of both. [...Read More]

Will I Learn How to Start My Own Business as an Event Planner if I Earn a Degree?

Event PlannerAlthough you don't need to earn a degree in event planning to find a career in this field, it is one of the best ways to learn about the industry, make connections and earn qualifications that will interest future employers. However, not everyone in this field of study wants to work for someone else. In fact, many aspiring event planners want to start their own businesses. If this sounds like you, then attending a degree program at a college or even a culinary school can help prepare you for your entrepreneurial debut as an independent event planner. Here are some of the helpful things that you will learn about starting your own business in planning events. [...Read More]

Earn Your Culinary Degree From Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago

Chef Learning from ChefsWhether you are just thinking about beginning a career in the culinary industry or you have wanted to become a chef for years, you have probably heard of Le Cordon Bleu. The name is one of the most respected in the culinary industry, and some of the best chefs and bakers on the planet first got their start at one of the Le Cordon Bleu campuses. If you are interested in earning a culinary degree, then give some thought to attending Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago. Here are some of the top reasons to choose this exceptional culinary institute to prepare for your career in the culinary industry. [...Read More]

Should I Specialize in Baking and Pastry Arts When I Go to Culinary School?

Baker Kneading BreadCulinary school is one of the most effective ways to increase your knowledge and skills in the culinary arts, and many graduates go on to have enjoyable careers in restaurants around the world. Not everyone wants to learn how to roast chickens and saute vegetables, however. For those with a serious sweet tooth who love the scientific side of cooking, a pastry or bakery specialization could be the solution. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about a new focus in baking. If you answer yes to all or most of them, then you might want to skip the savory dishes and head straight toward learning about sweets and the pastry arts. [...Read More]

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Culinary Degree?

Chef Putting Final Touches on Dish If you love cooking, then you might have given some thought to a career in the culinary arts. There are a number of different careers in this industry that are available, but they all start with some kind of training or experience. The best way to prepare for a career and to improve your skills in the kitchen is to earn a culinary degree of some kind. The variety of options is endless, and you can choose from online bachelor's degree or even short weekend courses that teach commercial kitchen hygiene and safety. If you are thinking seriously about earning culinary degrees, then use this guide to get a better understanding of all the many benefits. [...Read More]