What Does an Executive Restaurant Chef Do?

Executive ChefWhen you think of a chef, you might picture someone working in a kitchen, cooking up a storm and wearing a traditional white chef's hat. While this can be accurate in some cases, it it worth noting that not all chefs have the same job descriptions. Some chefs spend their time developing recipes in test kitchens, and others only bake desserts at upscale hotel restaurants. One of the most desirable positions in the culinary industry is that of executive chef. Read on to discover how to become an executive chef, what kind of salary is typical, where you can work and what characteristics are desired in this kind of position. [...Read More]

How to Secure a Career Within the Culinary Industry

Chef The culinary industry is a large and constantly-growing field, but many people still struggle to find careers in restaurants. If you are currently seeking a career in a restaurant, but you aren't having any success, you might need to rethink your approach. Here are some helpful tips that can help anyone to increase their chances of employment in the culinary industry. [...Read More]

Culinary Careers: What is a Saucier Chef?

Chef Sauteeing ShrimpWhen you cook dishes at home, you probably tackle every element of the meal. You might boil the pasta, steam the vegetables and then whip up a quick sauce to serve it all together. In a restaurant, however, many different talented individuals work together to create every dish that heads out to the tables for customers. One of the careers in the culinary industry that few people know about is that of saucier chef. Discover what this title entails, how you can become a saucier chef, where these professionals work and whether or not it is the right fit for you. [...Read More]

Where To Eat in Denver

Mountain CafeAs the capital of Colorado and a major tourism destination in the Rocky Mountains, it should come as no surprise that millions of visitors from around the world head there each year to take in the scenery and the attractions. Of course, no vacation would be complete without sampling some of the amazing local cuisine. Whether you are looking for authentic food on a budget or you want to enjoy the best gourmet fare in the city, this list has all the top restaurants in Denver, Colorado and will answer the question, "Where should I eat in Denver?" [...Read More]

Twinkies May be Back as Early as This Summer

Twinkies, one of the beloved snack cakes produced by Hostess and then discontinued just a few months ago, are considered to be an iconic part of the American diet. According to Samantha Bonar's latest blog from LA Weekly, the sweet treat might not be gone for good. [...Read More]

Eat Where the Locals Do in Jacksonville, Florida

Seafood ShrimpThe city of Jacksonville, FL is an exciting destination that has a lot to offer travelers. Home to a number of fascinating museums and art galleries, Jacksonville is also a shopping and dining hub. In addition, the city boasts a stunning coastline and several beautiful beaches, not to mention a pleasant climate that offers mild temperatures but four distinct seasons. Whether you happen to be visiting Jacksonville for a few hours or a couple of weeks, make the most of your trip by skipping the touristy restaurants and enjoying great meals where the locals do. Here are some of the local favorites in Jacksonville. [...Read More]

What is a Sous Chef?

Sous ChefTo those who aren't involved in the world of cooking, a chef can mean almost anyone involved in the culinary industry. For those who are serious about food, or who have been to culinary school, chef is a general term that doesn't exactly specify what a person does. A personal chef might work for just one client at a time in their home, an executive chef will lead the entire kitchen and a pastry chef might focus exclusively on desserts for an upscale restaurant or a bakery. Many aspiring culinary professionals are interested in becoming sous chefs, and that position and its duties are explained below. [...Read More]

5 Spring Food Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Outdoor Food FestivalFor foodies, nothing could be better than crafting an entire vacation around a food festival. Whether you are crazy about barbecue, wine tastings or desserts, there are hundreds of suitable food events that take place across the country every year. For those who are hoping to find an event between the months of March and May, you are in luck. Here are the top five spring food events you won't want to miss. [...Read More]

Best Cities in America For Graduates in Hospitality Leadership

Orlando-FLMany graduates who complete certificates, diplomas or degrees in fields like hospitality leadership or hospitality management have many different job opportunities available to them. Of course, areas where hotels, restaurants and attractions are more common means that more job opportunities are available. If you are trying to decide where to apply for a job after graduation, then read on to discover the best cities in American for graduates in the hospitality field. [...Read More]

Where to Find the Best Derby Pie in Louisville, Kentucky

Slice of Pie with CreamThe city of Louisville, KY is known for a lot of things including its role as a transport hub and having the world's most popular baseball bat named in its honor. What visitors are often most excited for, however, is the cuisine. From gourmet food to hot brown sandwiches, you won't have any trouble finding a great meal in Louisville. If you are a fan of desserts, you will want to try the derby pie. This pie was created in Kentucky, and it contains a rich and delicious filling made of chocolate and walnuts. If you find yourself asking, "Where's the best derby pie in Louisville?", then you will want to check in at one of the following places in the city. [...Read More]