5 Things to Look for in an Ohio Culinary School

Columbus-OhioWith hundreds of culinary schools around the country, aspiring chefs can be faced with a challenging decision when it comes to selecting the institute where they will receive their culinary education. One of the top states to attend cooking school is Ohio. If you are thinking about heading to the Buckeye State for your culinary education, read on to learn more about the five things to look for in Ohio cooking schools.

1. Proximity to Urban Destinations

It is commonly believed that the best foods come from urban destinations. While that is not always the case, and there is certainly plenty of spectacular food that comes from rural locations, the diverse populations and larger number of residents in cities often results in more dining options and more creative menus. When it comes to choosing from the many cooking schools in Ohio, be sure to look for a location that is within a short distance from an urban area. In Ohio, some of the larger cities with incredible dining include Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Choose a cooking school within an hour or two from one of these great cities for a chance to experience fine city dining as a student chef.

2. Availability of Fresh Ingredients

Another incredibly important aspect of choosing a top culinary school is whether or not the campus provides local fresh ingredients in the teaching kitchens. In Ohio, some of the commercially grown crops include apples, grapes, tomatoes, sweet corn and mushrooms. Other ingredients coming from Ohio include Swiss cheese, cattle, milk, honey and eggs. Be sure to seek out a chef school in Ohio that offers these delicious local ingredients in teaching kitchens for aspiring chefs to work with.

3. Courses That Appeal To You

Not everyone who attends culinary school will become, or even want to become, a head chef in a big restaurant. The Ohio Cuisineculinary world is a diverse industry, and there are a number of different employment positions available within the field. Whether you want to eventually work as a pasty chef, a baker, a cake decorator, a caterer, a head chef, a restaurant manager or a restaurant owner, attending one of the many great Ohio culinary schools can help you to reach your career goals. Make sure that you only pursue a culinary education in a school that offers courses in your preferred field of study.

Discover the possibilities to earn your culinary degree in Ohio.

4. Professional and Experienced Chefs On Campus

The best way for aspiring chefs to learn the vital skills in the kitchen is by watching accomplished chefs do them time and time again. Unfortunately, some culinary schools hire exclusively teaching chefs in their kitchens. Ideally, you would attend a school with a mix of top chefs and teaching chefs. Teaching chefs are important in order to better understand techniques and efficiency in the kitchen, but the professional chefs are what will motivate you and inspire you to create new dishes and experiment with new flavor combinations.

5. Local Food Experts

What sets a culinary school in Ohio apart from a culinary school anywhere else in the world is having local food experts available to teach students all about the traditional cuisine in the region. In Cincinnati, this means learning how to make the famous local chili, goetta breakfast sausages and authentic German and Greek dishes. In Cleveland, the foods reflects the many Eastern European immigrants that work in the city. Expect to dine on chicken paprikash, kielbasa sausages and potato dumplings. Having the opportunity to attend one of the great culinary arts schools in Ohio is a wonderful experience, and this guide can ensure that you locate the perfect school that gives you the right culinary education. Visit Cooking-Culinary-Arts-Schools.org to learn more. [...Read More]

Exploring Oklahoma’s Culinary History at Cooking School

Oklahoma City, OklahomaOklahoma is a beautiful state located in the Southern Central area of the United States. It is perhaps best known for a fascinating Native American heritage, incredible natural scenery and friendly residents. What most people don't realize is that Oklahoma is also an exciting and interesting place for aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts. The state has a rich cultural heritage influenced by Native Americans, cowboys and cattle herders and even European immigrants. It's culinary landscape, while certainly boasting ties to the past, is constantly expanding and growing in new directions. By attending one of the many great Oklahoma culinary schools, the next generation of chefs, bakers and culinary artists will better understand the state's incredible culinary history.

Native American Influences

The first modern settlers in Oklahoma were the French and Spanish explorers who passed through the region, but the state was never heavily settled until the 19th century. It was during this time period that thousands of Native Americans were forced from their tribal lands around the country and marched to Oklahoma. Today, there are many Native Americans who call the state their home. Although they were forced to leave behind many of their native food sources and therefore altered their cuisine, it is still possible to dine on authentic Native American foods in Oklahoma. Bison meat and fry bread are two dishes that remain incredibly popular in the state of Oklahoma, both in the homes of Native Americans and on menus throughout the region. In order to better understand this incredible culinary heritage, be sure to attend a chef school in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma CuisineFind out more about Oklahoma cooking school opportunities.

Cowboy Culture and Texan Neighbors

Since Oklahoma shares a border with Texas, it should come as no surprise that the state also boasts a true cowboy culture and chuckwagon cuisine. In the late 19th century, especially, the cowboys of Texas traversed Oklahoma in order to herd their cattle to the railways in Kansas. Much of Oklahoma still consumes beef in large quantities, and countless steakhouses can be found in the state. Remnants of chuckwagon cooking, including cornbread cooked in cast iron skillets and large pots of beans cooked over a flame, are still popular dishes in both Oklahoma and Texas to this day.

Southern American Heritage

According to the United States Census Bureau, Oklahoma is considered to be in the Southern region of the United States. While much of the local culture is a blend of Southwestern, Midwestern, Texan and Southern, there is no denying the many Southern elements in the cooking styles and popular dishes of the state. Southern favorites in Oklahoma start with biscuits and gravy, a very popular dish for breakfast that consists of freshly baked biscuits and a thick white sausage gravy. Other popular Southern meals in Oklahoma include chicken fried steaks and sides like steamed green vegetables with pieces of ham for flavoring. For the opportunity to learn Southern dishes and culinary preparation techniques, be sure to consider attending one of the many great Oklahoma cooking schools.

European Immigrants

Many of the local residents in Oklahoma can trace their heritage back to the immigrants from England, Germany, Ireland and Scotland. Some of the cuisine is similar to that found in New England and includes a minimal use of herbs and spices and relies on baking as the main cooking method. German sausages, English ales and Irish cabbage are all consumed in large quantities in the state of Oklahoma. To better understand the culinary scene in the state, attending cooking schools in Oklahoma is an obvious choice. Culinary arts schools in Oklahoma boast incredible fresh ingredients, talented teaching staff and the opportunity to explore Southern, Native American, Southwestern and even cowboy cuisine. Discover the many ways to prepare for a culinary degree at www.cooking-culinary-arts-schools.org. [...Read More]

Train in the Culinary Arts in the Great State of North Carolina

North CarolinaIn order to make it as one of the top restaurant managers, chefs, caterers or bakers in the country, you will absolutely need to have some kind of education or training first. One of the best ways to learn the ins and outs of the culinary industry is by attending a culinary arts school. [...Read More]

Attend a Culinary Arts School in New Jersey for a Top Chef Education

New JerseyAspiring chefs know that part of becoming successful in the culinary field is having the right training. A chef''s education includes learning how to take control of a kitchen, learning how to be efficient and quick in food preparation, learning a range of culinary styles and learning how to be creative and put a new spin on old favorites. [...Read More]

Nebraska Offers A Top Culinary Education

NebraskaThere are countless reasons to visit Nebraska, including the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, incredible natural beauty and exciting cities like Omaha and Lincoln. However, what few aspiring chefs might realize is that the cuisine is also beginning to earn a reputation for itself as well. Although the stereotypical view of Nebraska's cuisine may be one of hearty staples like meat and potatoes, a number of progressive chefs are pushing the envelope and expanding the dining options around the state. [...Read More]

5 Reasons to Attend a Culinary Arts Schools in New Hampshire

New HampshireThere are many things that will help you to become a top chef. You will need to have motivation, a strong work ethic, the support of your friends or family and an excellent education. How you receive your culinary education is up to you, but attending a chef school is often the best place to start. [...Read More]

6 Reasons to Attend Culinary School in New York City

3 Young ChefsWhen you think of cities known for their culinary landscape, you might think of Rome, Istanbul or Beijing. One of the most incredible cities for food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs, however, is right here in the United States. New York City boasts a staggering number of cooking schools, restaurants and top chefs. Whether you want to live and work in the Big Apple after graduation or you just want the best possible culinary education, New York is a top choice. Read on for six reasons to attend one of the many New York cooking schools. [...Read More]

Learn About Southwestern Cuisine at a Culinary School in New Mexico

New-MexicoOne of the most popular cuisine styles in the United States is a variation of Mexican fare. In places like Texas they might call it Tex-Mex, but in New Mexico it goes by the name of Southwestern cuisine. [...Read More]

Head to Missouri for Your Culinary Education

St Louis MissouriMissouri is a beautiful and inviting state located in the Midwestern United States. Although it is best known for incredible natural scenery and an abundance of state parks, it is also a foodie enthusiast destination. Whether you are in the mood for locally grown produce, incredible barbecue considered to be the best in the world or classic American fare, you can find it all in Missouri. For this reason, there are a number of wonderful Missouri cooking schools located throughout the state. [...Read More]

Learn the Secrets of Southern Cuisine at a Mississippi Culinary Arts School

Jackson-MississippiOne of the most beloved and appreciated culinary styles in America is that of Southern style fare. Categorized by locally grown ingredients, bold flavors and lots of hearty, filling favorites, Southern cuisine is no longer just found in restaurants in the South. In fact, Southern style cooking is making its way to upscale dining establishments in places like Los Angeles, New York City and even destinations abroad. [...Read More]