Choose Washington D.C. for Your Culinary Education

Washington D.C.Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, is one of the most interesting and exciting cities in the world. Boasting landmarks like the White House, the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial, millions of tourists flock to the city each year. In addition, the city is home to politicians, ambassadors and lobbyists that come from nearly every country on Earth. This combination of visitors and locals has created a unique dining scene in the District of Columbia, an area that boasts hundreds of restaurants and dining establishments. For this reason, Washington DC cooking schools are an incredibly popular choice for aspiring chefs. Read on to learn more about the wonderful opportunities to dine, taste and train in the culinary arts.

Ethnic Cuisine From Around the World

Perhaps the biggest reason to consider attending culinary schools in Washington DC is simply because of the diversity of cuisines available in the district. Since the District of Columbia is a melting pot of cultures, visitors will have their choice of Ethiopian, Jamaican, Somalian, Salvadorian, Chinese, Italian and French cuisine, among many others. Nowhere else in the United States can diners taste such a variety of authentic cooking styles in such a relatively small area. If you are interested in trying a wide variety of culinary styles and flavors, then culinary schools in District of Columbia are a fantastic choice.

High End Dining

Although many of the ethnic cuisine offerings in places like Chinatown and Little Ethiopia may be relatively casual and affordable foods, there are also a large number of high end dining Fine Dining in Washington, DCestablishments in the capital. This is primarily because of the politicians, foreign dignitaries, lawyers and ambassadors who work and live in the area. Zagat, the culinary guide that rates restaurants on a scale of thirty points, has awarded more than 40 restaurants the honor of a rating of 25 points or higher. There are also a high number of Michelin starred restaurants in the city. Those culinary students who would like to work in upscale dining would do well to experience the fine cuisine of Washington, D.C. and have the opportunity to train under some of the top chefs in the nation. Find your cooking school in Washington, DC

Opportunities for Bakers and Pastry Chefs

Some of the most thriving foodie cities have lots of excellent restaurants and savory foods, but are lacking when it comes to sweet treats, elaborate cakes and pastry chefs. In Washington, D.C., however, that is certainly not the case. The current trend of cupcake bakeries was first started in the capital city, and it lives on to this day through now famous bakeries like Georgetown Cupcakes, Baked and Wired or the Red Velvet Cupcakery. The pastry arts is also so popular in the area thanks to the many French chefs who have served in the White House and in the homes surrounding the capitol. Aspiring pastry chefs and bakers will have incredible opportunities for learning, kitchen experience and tasting while attending District of Columbia cooking schools.

High Caliber of Chefs in the Area

One of the most important aspects of a culinary school is the quality of the teaching staff. Culinary instructors should be well trained, have extensive experience and be recognized in their fields. Washington D.C. is a top destination for the culinary arts, and most culinary schools in the area boast an impressive group of staff. This is just one more reason to consider attending cooking school in the District of Columbia. Anyone interested in training to become a chef, baker, restaurant manager or pastry chef should consider culinary schools in the national capital. Thanks to diverse culinary offerings, plentiful job opportunities and excellent chefs, the city is a top spot for aspiring chefs. When you're ready to prepare for a great career as a chef, pastry chef or baker, think of the amazing opportunities in the Washington DC area. Find out more about all of your possibilities to enroll in a top cooking school at [...Read More]

Head to Kentucky to Enroll in Chef School

KentuckyKentucky is a beautiful state with delicious food. It’s big on tourism, so you will find a variety of restaurants and dining experiences to choose from. It is always a good idea for culinary students to visit popular restaurants. By eating foods that were prepared by experienced chefs, students can better understand the fundamentals of preparing foods.

Reasons to Attend Chef School

More than likely, you’re already cooking on a daily basis. Your cooking skills may or may not be good. If you enjoy cooking but would like to learn the proper skills and techniques, Kentucky cooking schools may be just what you need. By gaining an education in cooking school, you can be a better chef at home and also expand the possibilities for your life. If you enjoy cooking in your home, once you obtain an education in cooking, you may decide to work in or run your own restaurant. Perhaps you are a horrible cook who would like to learn how to prepare a proper meal for yourself and your family. After attending Kentucky culinary schools, your family will be dishing out requests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Don’t worry; you are free to decline their persistent requests.

Popular Foods

Kentucky is known for its southern-style food. While you won’t find Colonel Sanders there, you will find his fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Fried foods, such as chicken, are popular in Kentucky. While attending chef school in Kentucky, you will likely learn to prepare delicious southern dishes. These dishes will likely include fried green tomatoes, fried fish, chicken-fried steak, cornbread, hushpuppies, and many other southern favorites. Chili and barbecued foods are also popular in Kentucky. Find a cooking school in Kentucky.

Cooking Schools in Kentucky

There are some excellent culinary arts schools in Kentucky. At the top of the list is Strayer University and Sullivan University. These schools offer great resources and instructors. Sullivan University is great for busy students who need a schedule that will fit their needs. Students can choose to go to school in the mornings or the evenings. Some students do not have the time to commit to a classroom. For these students, online classes are available. There is even the option to attend a combination of morning, evening, and online classes. Students can find flexible scheduling at Sullivan University.Fried Green Tomatoes Like Sullivan University, Strayer University is great for students who have a busy schedule. Strayer University offers evening and weekend classes as well as online classes. Students will be taught by experienced instructors who understand the concepts of running a restaurant.

Career Development Assistance

These schools are also great because of their career development assistance programs. These programs are designed to help the students in their job search after graduation. Students will learn the proper method for creating resumes, interview skills, and networking opportunities. These skills can give students the boost they need in order to score a great job after graduation. Learning the techniques of cooking is a great opportunity, and Kentucky is a great place to further your education. The beautiful scenery and pleasant weather is a great bonus to the southern dishes. Get your culinary education in Kentucky, and you will be well on your way to a tasty life. Discover the many options available to help you prepare for a successful culinary career. Visit to find out more. [...Read More]

Become a Trained Chef by Attending Culinary School in Delaware

DelawareThe small state of Delaware is located in the Northeastern United States and borders neighboring states like New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland. As the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, it is undeniable that Delaware has a rich heritage and is an important part of the country's history. Today, it is best known for having beautiful beaches, great shopping opportunities and plentiful museums and galleries. In recent years, Delaware has also become increasingly popular as a place to train to become a chef or to work in the culinary industry. Read on to learn more about why this wonderful state is the perfect place to train in the culinary arts.

Central Location

Although many people visit Delaware specifically, many visitors also pass through on their way to neighboring states and cities. Although the capital city in Delaware, Dover, may not be a large metropolis, it is just a short distance from some of the biggest and most thriving cities in the United States. The large city of Philadelphia, known for diverse ethnic cuisines and authentic Italian fare, is a mere 15 minutes by car from the Delaware state border. Baltimore, Maryland is another large city that can be reached in under two hours and boasts some of the best seafood in the country. New York City and even Washington, D.C. are reached by train in just a few hours, making Delaware one of the most centrally located destinations in the country. If you are interested in learning about lots of different culinary styles, then attending one of the many Delaware cooking schools is a smart choice for aspiring chefs. Find your opportunities for cooking schools in Delaware.

Historical Influences, Culture and Cuisine

Before European settlers called Delaware their home, the state was home to the Native American tribe known as the Algonquian. Living on local seafood, nuts, berries and wild game, these Coconut Phyllo Napoleon Deserttribes lived peacefully until the fur trade in the region caused problems to their way of life. The settlers from Europe who began to live in Delaware in the 17th century and beyond included those from Germany and England. Today, their colonial cuisine is still evident in the daily diet of locals. Traditional meals like broiled chicken with biscuits, baked hams, lemon butters and creamed-corn pudding are all found on the dining tables of local residents.

Independent Restaurants and Breweries

Although there are certainly some chain restaurants in Delaware, residents and visitors have created a demand for local independent restaurants and breweries. Patronizing family-owned establishments is growing in popularity, allowing chefs to open new businesses and offer innovative cuisines as well as traditional, authentic fare. These numerous independent restaurants can be found in cities like Dover, Wilmington and Newcastle. There are also some independent breweries that offer local beers and ciders along with small taverns that have been in operation since the 18th century.

World Class Chefs and Teaching Staff

One of the biggest reasons to attend culinary arts school in Delaware is simply because of the caliber of teaching staff at these institutes. Many of the chefs who work in the area have their own restaurants or were once world class cooks in the region. Thanks to the close proximity to places like New York City, Baltimore and Philadelphia, a number of guest chefs also come in regularly to teach classes in Delaware culinary schools. Anyone interested in learning from the best chefs in the world should certainly consider beginning their culinary education in Delaware. Although it is possible to attend a culinary school anywhere on Earth, many students pick culinary schools in Delaware because of the strength of the teaching staff, the proximity to many major cities, the local ingredients like fresh seafood and the opportunities for employment in beach resorts and nearby cities. When you're ready to take a step toward preparing for your future in culinary arts, for more information. [...Read More]

Become a Culinary Arts Professional at a Culinary School in Connecticut

ConnecticutAlthough the state of Connecticut may be small in size, it has a lot to offer visitors, residents and culinary enthusiasts. With scenic views, a rich heritage and plenty of local attractions, Connecticut is a top destination for travelers from around the world. If you are interested in becoming a top chef, then Connecticut is a wonderful place to attend culinary school. With fresh local ingredients, a staggering number of ethnic cuisines available, plenty of college towns and innovative chefs, it should come as no surprise that this state certainly does not want for culinary institutes and cooking schools. Here are just a few of the reasons why aspiring chefs might be interested in attending culinary schools in Connecticut.

Diversity in Restaurants

Although the primary cuisine style in Connecticut is undoubtedly that of New England cooking, that does not mean that New England cuisine is the only option for chefs and diners in the state. Places like the city of New Haven, home to Yale University, offers dozens of different ethnic cuisines from around the world. Try authentic meals from places like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the Middle East. Since trying new culinary experiences and flavor combinations is an important part of growing as a chef, this makes Connecticut cooking schools a great choice.

Historic New England Cuisine

Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons to attend Connecticut culinary schools in to learn the preparation, history and techniques involved with making classic New England cuisine. This cooking style is a direct result of the English settlers who lived in the region in the 16th through 19th centuries. Foods are cooked by baking or stewing, the two most prominent cooking styles in England. Dairy and seafood are used in abundance thanks to their local availability, but much of the culinary style is similar to that of 17th century England. Baked beans, apples pies, baked turkeys, homemade creams and clam chowder are all examples of this culinary fare. Find a Connecticut Cooking Culinary Arts School.

International InfluencesLobster and Clams

Although the basis for the state's cuisine in certainly British, there are many other international influences that have shaped the dining landscape into what it is today. Italian immigrants played a large role, creating the famed apizza.  Similar to a traditional Italian pizza pie, the apizza has a thin crust and often comes without cheese. The most famous of these apizzas is the white clam pie, which has no tomatoes and features fresh clams and garlic. Irish settlers also greatly influenced the cuisine of the state, particularly in the interior and in the city of Hartford.

Fresh Produce and Seafood

Connecticut borders the Long Island Sound, a body of water that provides the state with a significant amount of fresh seafood. In fact, clams and lobster are two of the main local ingredients used by chefs in the state. Other local ingredients include eggs, dairy products and apples. Many chefs who want to become trained in working with fresh ingredients choose Connecticut for their culinary education primarily for this reason.

Proximity to New York City

When it comes to studying the culinary arts, many students decide to move to what is arguably the capital of dining in the United States, New York City. Unfortunately, this culinary mecca is also quite expensive to live in and is not always an inviting place. If you want to live near the culinary offerings of New York City but don't want the daily hustle and bustle, then attending culinary arts school in Connecticut is the perfect middle ground. Choosing Connecticut for your culinary education is a great idea and will prepare students for careers as chefs, bakers or even hospitality managers. Visit to explore the many options you have to earn your education in the culinary arts. [...Read More]

How to Choose the Perfect Culinary Arts Program in Colorado

ColoradoIf you want to work in any area of the culinary arts, you will most likely require some kind of formal education in order to be trained properly and have employers hire you. Whether you dream of opening up your own restaurant, baking lavish pastries and cakes or running a kitchen as a head chef, attending a culinary arts school or degree program will help you to achieve your goals in life. Deciding where you attend culinary school is a big decision. Since many aspiring chefs relocate to a new location in order to attend cooking school, Colorado is a popular choice. Read on to learn more about why the state of Colorado is a great place to become trained in the culinary arts.

Fresh Local Ingredients

Agriculture and livestock make up a large portion of the economy in Colorado, a fact that makes cooking within the state such a pleasure. True chefs will appreciate the fact that their ingredients have come from local farms rather than being shipped in from around the world or across the country. Wheat, corn and dairy are all grown in abundance throughout the state, and small farms produce local produce as well. Meat served in many restaurants is from small farms in the area and can actually be served to the customer without ever having been frozen, something that greatly improves the taste and quality of the dish.

Capital of Rocky Mountain Cuisine

The Rocky Mountains run right through the state of Colorado, and the area is often referred to as the capital of Rocky Mountain cuisine. This style of cooking developed as a way to utilize the food available at these high elevations among the mountain peaks, and was helped along by the German and Austrian settlers who were among the first to live in the region. Aspiring chefsGourmet dinner who attend Colorado cooking schools will have the opportunity to cook things like bison and Rocky Mountain oysters in the traditional way. Discover the culinary arts schools in Colorado.

Southwestern Fare

Colorado is also home to a staggering number of Southwestern chefs and restaurants. This culinary style is a blend of Native American, Mexican, Spanish and American cuisines. The food features chiles and lots of local meat, and many students at culinary arts school in Colorado choose the state specifically because of the prevalence of this cooking style.

Diversity of Restaurants in Denver

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado, and the city boasts an incredibly diverse population with groups of people from around the world. It should not come as a surprise, then, that the culinary styles in the city are also wildly diverse. Attending culianry schools in Colorado means that students have access to authentic cuisine from Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Israel, Ireland, Italy and several other countries from across the globe.

World Class Dining in Aspen

Aspen in an upscale tourism destination in Colorado, meaning that the quality of food on offer is staggering. In fact, many visitors now come to Aspen primarily for the cuisine, especially in the summer months. Each June, Aspen is home to the Food and Wine Classic, a large food festival showcasing top chefs and fascinating cooking competitions. This event alone is one reason why many potential culinary arts students head to Colorado culinary schools. It is clear to see that Colorado is a wonderful place to visit for food enthusiasts and potential culinary students. From the diversity of dining in Denver to the progressive and innovative offerings in Boulder, there are lots of culinary experiences to be enjoyed within the state. Thankfully, Colorado is home to a number of wonderful culinary schools to help students begin their culinary careers. If you're ready to pursue your dreams of becoming a chef or cooking specialist in the hospitality industry, Colorado is a great place to begin. Explore all of your options to earn your degree or certification in the cooking school that best suits your needs at [...Read More]

7 Reasons to Attend Culinary School in Arkansas

ArkansasAlthough Arkansas is often considered to be located within the Southern United States, its location is actually very interesting and allows for influences from the surrounding regions. To the West is Texas, to the East Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky, and to the North, Oklahoma. This placement in the country makes Arkansas a unique blend of culture, history and cuisine. The state boasts some truly stunning scenic destinations including the winding Mississippi River and the high peaks of Ouachita Mountains, but it is the cuisine that attracts many visitors and aspiring chefs. If you are interested in attending culinary school in order to become a trained chef, then consider one of the many culinary schools in Arkansas. Here are seven reasons to consider Arkansas cooking schools.

1. Frequent Food Festivals

One of the big reasons that food enthusiasts head to Arkansas is because of the many food festivals that take place throughout the state. There are harvest celebrations that take place when items like rice and watermelon are in season for consumption, and there are also large events that feature cooking competitions. If you are interested in events devoted to the tasty foods produced in a local region, then living or visiting Arkansas is a great choice.

2. Traditional Southern and Texan Fare:

The two biggest influences on Arkansan cuisine are undoubtedly from the Southern United States and from Texas. If you love the traditional tastes of biscuits and gravy for breakfast, steaks fresh off the grill or barbecued pork cooked slowly to perfection, then studying the culinary arts school in Arkansas is a natural fit.

3. Local Produce:

Arkansas has a thriving food industry when it comes to growing and producing foods. Top chefs know that having great ingredients is the first step in creating delicious fare, so Arkansas is a great place to get your start in the field. Wheat, soybeans and rice are grown in large amounts throughout the state as well as fruits like watermelons, grapes, tomatoes and peaches.

4. Fresh Seafood:

Since the state lacks a coastal border, some people believe that Arkansas lacks fresh fish. However, encouragement from the slow food movement and increased demand for local produce has resulted in numerous fish farms that allow chefs Arkansas Cuisineto cook with freshly caught seafood as well as with local produce. Enjoy both trout and catfish raised and caught within the state borders while in Arkansas. Find a culinary arts school and the program to fit your needs in Arkansas.

5. Innovative Cuisine:

Arkansas may have roots in Southern American and Texan fare, but that certainly doesn't mean that chefs within the state aren't looking ahead and being innovative. In fact, many chefs are leaning away from the classic Southern dishes and turning to a new style of cuisine that embraces local ingredients, top quality produce and fusion fare that draws inspiration from cultures and cuisines around the world.

6. World Class Culinary Talent:

One of the biggest reasons that aspiring chefs attend Arkansas culinary schools is because of the number of world class chefs that live, teach, cook or visit the area. Popular top chefs Emeril Lagasse and even Wolfgang Puck have cooked in restaurants in Arkansas, and many other chefs teach seminars or work as guest chefs in the top dining establishments within the state.

7. Diverse Dining in Little Rock:

The capital city of Little Rock offers hundreds of restaurants for adventurous diners. Student chefs studying in Arkansas will have the opportunity to try California wine country favorites from the restaurant Capers, Italian specialties from The Villa and even Cajun fare at the popular Faded Rose. With so many reasons to attend culinary school in Arkansas, it should come as no surprise that the state is so popular with students interested in cooking, baking and hospitality management. Entering the amazing world of culinary arts is easier when you have the right education and credentials to give you a head start and be more competitive. Discover your possibilities at [...Read More]

Earn a Cooking or Management Degree in Orlando

Orlando-FloridaDo you have a passion for food and cooking? Is it your dream to manage your own restaurant? There are culinary arts schools in Orlando that can help you make your dreams become reality. Whether you already have some training from culinary schools or you have no training at all, the right school can put you on the road to success.

A Passion for Cooking

If you have a passion for cooking as well as restaurant management, you will likely want an education in chef school to go along with your management training. You can never have too much education. If you want to impress with your culinary skills, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando, Florida can help. You can graduate in less time than expected, and they offer reasonable tuition rates. With their new twelve month diplomas, you can choose courses in either English or Spanish.

Hands on Experience

What better way to learn than by doing something yourself? At Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, students will learn from hands on experience. They will also receive training fromFine Dining in Orlando professional chef instructors in industry equipped kitchens. Students who are only exposed to classroom learning may not know how to handle themselves once they are placed in a real restaurant setting. At Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, students will have the opportunity to learn their skills in a simulated restaurant setting. The diploma programs are a great beginning. If you want more education and experience, your diploma can be a first step to gaining an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Explore your culinary education opportunities in Orlando, Florida.

Management Training

Once you’ve acquired the desired cooking skills, you will be ready to pursue your education in hospitality management. If you are looking for a management school in Orlando, Strayer University is a great choice. Their professional staff will prepare students for a life in business administration. The Bachelor of Business Administration will help students gain the knowledge needed in order to succeed in positions for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Students will be able to choose specialties in their business administration degree. Specialties include Acquisition and Contract Management, Banking, E-Business, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resource Management, Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, and Retail Management. Students will gain fundamental, practical, and professional skills in all business phases. They will also learn decision making and problem solving skills. Once they have received their degree, students will be ready to take on management positions in the real world.

Better Your Skills

Say you already have a managerial position but you would like to gain more skills. Strayer University has an Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration that will help students do just that. Students will learn new ways to effectively manage a business and learn skills to help them on their road to success. Classes will teach processes and procedures that will help students to keep their businesses running properly. If you love cooking and want to manage your own restaurant, the right cooking school can give you a great start. Hands on experience can make learning fun. Go from cooking in your kitchen to cooking for others in a restaurant setting. Cooking Culinary Arts Schools is the place to start looking for the perfect culinary cooking school to help you get your career in the hospitality industry off the ground. [...Read More]

Culinary Education in Washington State

WashingtonCulinary Arts in Washington State

There’s never been a better time to get into the culinary arts. The world of cuisine and hospitality is growing and there’s a need for trained, passionate chefs who care about their product and the guests who they make it for. The beautiful state of Washington has many fine culinary schools that offer programs in baking and pastry, culinary arts, chef training and hospitality management. Washington State is renowned for its geographical beauty, its locally grown foods, its forward-thinking mindset and its artistic spirit. It’s a region of the country that’s thriving with an enterprising, vibrant culture, while keeping an eye on its Native and pioneering past. Washington offers a multitude of schools around the state that can provide you with the professional training you’ll need to get started on your culinary career.

Programs by City

The iconic city of Seattle offers culinary programs through Seattle Community College at both its south and central campuses. The Central Campus is home to the Seattle Culinary Academy, where you can train for a certificate in the Culinary Arts or Specialty Desserts and Breads. Both the Central and South Campuses offer degrees in Culinary Arts. Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America has a campus in Seattle at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, where you can train for a certificate in Culinary Arts or Patisserie and Baking. The Art Institutes International Culinary School offers you a degree in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry and the Art of Cooking. The richly historic city of Spokane offers a degree in Culinary Arts through the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College. In Tacoma, you can get a degree in Culinary Arts or Chef Training at Bates Technical College. In Vancouver, Clark College offers a degree in Baking or Baking Management and the International Air and Hospitality Academy offers a degree in Culinary Arts. Walla Walla Community College offers a degree in Culinary Arts and Bellingham Technical College offers a degree as a Baker or a Pastry Chef.Sashimi Unagi Find the program in culinary arts that fits your needs in the state of Washington.

Today’s Cooking Schools:

In today’s culinary programs, you’ll be trained in modern, progressive techniques while learning the deeply-rooted traditions of the art. In chef school, you’ll hone your craft, build your knowledge and sharpen your skills. You’ll be doing something that you love and taking charge of your future, which is always a win-win. Additionally, you can decide how long you’d like to take getting your training. Full degrees offer more detailed, in-depth training but take two or more years to acquire, while certificates usually take a year or less. You may decide that a certificate is a good option for you now, because you’d like to get started on your culinary career as soon as possible. This will also allow you some time to think about which area you want to specialize in, such as pastry or management. However, no matter what area or school that you choose, you’re assured that there are virtually endless opportunities for you in the rich culinary culture of Washington State.

Advantages of Professional Training:

Although most entry jobs don’t always mandate formal training, you’ll definitely distinguish yourself from other applicants through your expertise and enterprise. Getting professional culinary training gives you an advantage when looking for a starting position. By enrolling in one of the culinary art schools in Washington, you’ll be set to take your place at the table in the exciting world of cuisine and hospitality. You’ve got the talent, now get the training! Prepare for the culinary career you've always wanted by studying at one of the many cooking schools or culinary schools available almost anywhere in the U.S. Get started by visiting [...Read More]

Explore Alaska as a Culinary Student

AlaskaAlaska is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world, and it is often chosen as a travel spot due to the remarkable climate and breathtaking scenery. Despite the cold weather, tourists often remark on the heritage of the area and the interesting history and lifestyle of the local residents. For this reason, many aspiring chefs opt to visit Alaska and attend culinary school. Whether you attend culinary arts school in Alaska or you just decide to dine your way through the state, this guide will help you to understand more about the incredible history and cuisine of Alaska today.

Fresh Seafood in Alaska

Perhaps the most famous food that is exported out of Alaska is king crab. These large crabs are significantly larger than those found elsewhere in North America, and they are actually among the largest and tastiest in the world. Restaurants in Alaska prepare king crab legs simply, using just lemon juice, butter and seasonings. Tourists are often shocked at the size of the legs, which can measure as much as eight inches around. A single king crab is often cooked as the main entree for an entire family in Alaska. Both salmon and halibut fishing is also incredibly popular, and many local residents make their living thanks to this trade. Salmon is prepared in many different ways including smoked, cured, as raw sushi, salmon jerky and even sweet and salty salmon candies. Attending one of the many Alaska cooking schools will allow aspiring chefs to learn how to prepare delicious fresh seafood, an important skill to have in any kitchen.

Local Produce

Many individuals think of the cold weather in Alaska, along with images of snow covered mountain peaks, and mistakenly believe that there is no fresh produce to be found. However, that could not be further from the truth. Berries, in particular, are found in large amounts through the state and are harvested in the summer months. Wild blueberries, a smaller and sweeter variety of the traditional blueberry, are used in jams, pies, cakes and more. Other popular berries that are harvested include wild high bush cranberries, mossberries, lingonberries, watermelon berries and yellow salmonberries.Alaskan King Crab Legs Find your culinary arts school in Alaska.

The Dining Scene in Alaska

Traditional residents of Alaska contribute significantly to the modern cuisine in the state, but large cities in Alaska are beginning to offer a number of different culinary styles for diners and students attending one of the culinary schools in Alaska. Immigrants from around the world have diversified the culinary scene within the state, particularly in the larger cities. Many of the culinary schools in the Alaska are located within a short distance from Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks or Kodiak. It is possible to find everything from Mexican food to Japanese sushi and even authentic German cuisine in these larger urban areas.

Cultural and Historical Influence on Cuisine

While the original influence on Alaskan cuisine would certainly start with the local Central Yupik and Inupiat people groups, many other immigrant groups have also left their mark on local cuisine. Traditional foods that are eaten today include roots boiled down in soups, fermented fish and even dried game like moose or caribou.

Career Opportunities in Alaska

Many aspiring chefs choose to attend Alaska culinary schools primarily because of the many opportunities to work as a chef in and around the state. With tourism being such a large part of the local economy, there are often head chef and sous chef positions available in the larger cities and post destinations. In addition, the large cruise ships that sail through Alaska regularly often require kitchen staff. If you want to attend culinary school in a truly beautiful destination with a unique culinary heritage, then Alaska is the ideal spot. When you're ready to take action on your culinary dreams and study to become a chef, baker or hospitality manager, begin exploring your options at [...Read More]

The Culinary Arts Schools of Florida

FloridaThere are a lot of opportunities awaiting you at the culinary art schools in Florida. These institutions of learning offer people like you the chance to choose between classes that teach the skills required for life as a cook in fine restaurants and those that teach you how to manage restaurants, hotels and other hospitality-oriented businesses. Cooking and hospitality are needs that only grow greater in our society. These schools are rushing their graduates out to fill positions in various locations. If you want to join in the rush to study cooking or culinary management, contact one of the schools mentioned below.

Culinary Schools

These are schools that are either dedicated to training chefs to work as assistants and leaders in the actual preparation of food or they offer significant programs that do the same. Some of the degrees offered represent generalized training in cooking while others teach specific forms of advanced cooking, such as the baking and pastry arts.

The Art Institutes

This school focuses on bringing out the creativity of its students in every endeavor. Its chef school offers two concentrations, one in the culinary arts and the other in the baking and pastry arts. Each of these concentrations is offered as either an associate of arts or an associate of science degree. Whichever degree you choose, the instructors here intend to stir your imagination with collaborative work. There are campuses in Jacksonville, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

Keiser University Campus

This Sarasota school offers a variety of high-demand degrees. Their culinary school offers an AS degree in the baking and pastry arts. Part of the school-wide program includes assistance with post-graduation job placement.

Florida Technical College

Taking advantage of the demand for graduates in a wide range of subjects, such as health care and computer programming, this school also offers separate degrees in the culinary arts and the baking and pastry arts. The campus is located in Kissimmee.

Seafood ShrimpLincoln Culinary Institute

Located in West Palm Beach, this Florida school attracts international students as well as those from the local area and other states. The hands-on training at this school is delivered by experienced instructors who are also qualified educators. They only use industry-standard equipment so that students are already familiar with their environments when they begin working.

Le Cordon Bleu

This Orlando cooking school offers both associate degrees and certificates in the culinary arts and the baking and pastry arts. Unique among many of their fellow culinary institutes, this school also offers a degree course given entirely in Spanish. They even operate an on-campus restaurant that is open to the public and staffed by working students. Explore the Culinary Arts Schools of Florida.

Restaurant Management

There are many other important jobs to fill in the restaurant industry. That is why many schools also offer degrees in the management of restaurants. Graduates from these schools learn the business end of the culinary world. They make it possible for the culinary specialists to work their magic in the kitchens of eateries across the country. Le Cordon Bleu is one of the schools that also offer degrees in this administrative field. They offer many of their classes online since there is less need for hands-on exposure for this sort of training.

Hospitality Management

A number of fields converge in this area of study which includes the kind of training useful in running not only a restaurant but also a hotel or any other public house. Here students can learn the health codes, legal issues and tax rules surrounding these professions. The Fortis Institute is a leading school in this subject. Hospitality managers are prepared to take a variety of roles in this industry. Attend a cooking school or culinary arts school in Florida to develop your skills in your area of interest and get ready for a career that lets you do what you love to do. Explore your options at   [...Read More]