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The Advantages of Eating Unprocessed Foods

Young Female ChefA typical grocery store in the United States carries around 40,000 different items on its shelves. Grocery stores make the biggest profits on processed and packaged items, or those boxed snacks, cookies and manufactured items found in the center aisles of the store. [...Read More]

The Benefits of Cooking and Eating With These 6 Ancient Grains

GrainsWith the Paleo diet taking over and eating like a caveman increasing in popularity, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many people are drawn to more traditional foods. In particular, ancient grains are a hot topic and a trendy item destined to become even more popular in the future. [...Read More]

The Rise of Gluten-Free Food

Gluten FreeA decade ago, waitresses might have looked at you strangely if you asked for a gluten-free menu in a restaurant. Today, no one would think twice about asking the chef if a soup contains gluten, and grocery stores often have entire aisles devoted to gluten-free products. [...Read More]

Savvy Ways to Stop Wasting Food at Home

Grocery Shopping With a ListStatistics reveal that Americans waste as much as 40 percent of the food they purchase each year. Not only is that a disgrace when you consider how many people around the world are malnourished and underfed, but it can also be a drain on your budget. [...Read More]

How California’s Drought Affects Chefs and Diners

DroughtEvery 20 to 50 years in California, a major drought emerges. Currently, the state's drought is gaining national attention, and everyone from politicians to celebrities are supporting water conservation and awareness. [...Read More]

7 Herbs Every Cook Should Have in the Kitchen Pantry

Parsley and HerbsWhether you are just learning how to cook for your family, you're attending culinary school or you are trying to transform your diet through unprocessed foods, herbs can have a dramatic effect. After all, a delicious homemade pasta sauce won't deliver rich depth without herbs, and nothing brings the heat like cumin or cayenne pepper. [...Read More]

Career Opportunities for a Pastry Chef

Pastry ShopIn the world of the culinary arts, most professionals can be divided neatly into two categories: sweet and savory. Chefs who work in sweets and baking tend to be focused on the methodical, scientific side of carefully measuring out ingredients in order to craft perfect breads and cakes. [...Read More]

Discover The Awesome Benefits of a Splash of Lemon

Lemon WaterSpeak to any medical professional or read any article on healthy eating, and there will almost certainly be a focus on enjoying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as drinking enough water. For many, the healthiest option of all is to combine the two and drink lemon water, or ordinary water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. [...Read More]

Drink to Your Health: 5 Delicious Smoothies

Making a SmoothieMany dietitians and nutritionists remind people not to drink their calories, which is a good warning and one that applies to things like sodas or cocktails. However, smoothies are a whole different situation. Smoothies, particularly those packed with protein and even vitamins from things like fruits and vegetables, can be a tasty treat as well as a nutritional powerhouse. [...Read More]

7 Ways to Use a Hospitality Degree

Hospitality ManagerA hospitality degree is a common choice for students who enjoy working with others and want to pursue a career within the field. Whether you opt to earn your associate degree or your bachelor's degree in hospitality, you can expect to study subjects like food safety, kitchen sanitation, restaurant management, hospitality accounting, cost control and more. [...Read More]

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