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7 Ways to Use a Hospitality Degree

Hospitality ManagerA hospitality degree is a common choice for students who enjoy working with others and want to pursue a career within the field. Whether you opt to earn your associate degree or your bachelor's degree in hospitality, you can expect to study subjects like food safety, kitchen sanitation, restaurant management, hospitality accounting, cost control and more. [...Read More]

Entertaining Ideas for the Perfect Summer Bash

Summer Outdoor PartyEntertaining in the summer is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the warm weather, take advantage of an outdoor space and host a party with minimal preparation and cleanup. All too often, however, a summer party means a container of hotdogs and a box of frozen hamburgers on the grill. [...Read More]

7 Reasons to Shop For and Cook With Local Produce

Growing Fresh ProduceWhile it is no secret that enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables is great for your health, not all foodies or chefs recognize how important it can be to correctly source all that tasty produce. Rather than buying fruits and vegetables that have been shipped from halfway around the world, consuming fresh, local produce can be a smart move. Discover seven of the many reasons to shop for and cook with local produce whenever possible. [...Read More]

Do You Really Need a Culinary Degree?

Chef School - Teachers ApprovalThere are a number of paths to becoming a chef, a baker or any other culinary arts professional. While it is possible to secure a successful career using networking connections or years of experience, a much better option is to train formally in your desired field and earn a culinary degree. [...Read More]

5 Delicious Ways to Prepare Eggplant

EggplantsSince eggplant is loaded with fiber, potassium, B Vitamins and manganese, it is no surprise that they are a staple in the diets of healthy eaters. While the purple vegetables are easy enough to find in grocery stores, actually preparing them can feel like a challenge. Whether you're looking for a vegetarian meal option, a nutritious side dish or a unique meal that is surprisingly low in calories, eggplant can be the perfect option. [...Read More]

How Culinary School Prepares You For the Catering Industry

Catered Party BuffetAttending culinary school can prepare you for a number of different careers within the culinary industry. You could attend a baking program and become a pastry chef, taking a wine and cuisine program and become a sommelier or focus on the culinary arts and become an executive chef in a large upscale restaurant. [...Read More]

A Love Affair With Kale – What’s It All About?

KaleIf you check out a healthy living blog or a new book about nutrition, it is almost a guarantee that you'll come across at least a brief mention of kale. Dark green and packed with nutrition, kale has managed to become a seriously trendy food over the last few years. [...Read More]

Celebrate the Merry Month of May With These Great Culinary Ideas

Spring Tomato TartFor much of the United States, May is the month when the climate starts to drastically improve. Although April might have had some warmer temperatures, the typical spring rain means many were still cooped up inside. In May, it is the time of year to soak up the sun, enjoy outdoor adventure and dig into some fresh produce. [...Read More]

5 Benefits of Eating More Fresh Vegetables

Fresh VeggiesIt is no secret that healthy eating means a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Vegetables, in particular, are a winning combination thanks to a low calorie count and plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you still need convincing about why adding fresh veggies to your diet is a must, here are five of the top reasons to keep in mind. [...Read More]

Where Can Your Hotel Management Degree Take You?

Female Hotel ManagerWhether you opt for an associate or bachelor's degree in hotel management, you will graduate with a range of job opportunities available to you. Although the majority of degree holders will go on to work in hotels or other types of guest accommodation, that isn't the only path open to graduates. [...Read More]

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