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8 Things You’ll Learn When You Study Catering

Caterers If you want to become a caterer, the first step will be getting the training and education required to succeed in the culinary field. Catering is a challenging but rewarding career, which also means that there is a lot of competition. [...Read More]

6 Questions to Ask When Considering a Culinary Arts School

Male Chef Although it is possible to begin a culinary career without a formal education in the field, most professional chefs know that attending a culinary arts school can be a great way to break into the industry. You'll hone your skills, discover your niche, network with potential employers and be able to interview and accept a range of different positions. [...Read More]

5 Ways to Prepare for a Baking and Pastry Arts Career

Professional BakerIt is hard to imagine a person who doesn't enjoy a delicious slice of cake at a birthday party or a delicious pie made with fresh fruit in the summer. If you are just as interested in baking these creations as you are in eating them, then pursuing a career in baking and the pastry arts can be a wonderful path for your future. [...Read More]

A Round Up of Popular Natural Sweeteners

Natural SweetenerIn recent years, there has been a tremendous movement among food experts to focus on sugar, rather than fat, as one of the biggest culprits in the diet. Considered to be addictive in nature and responsible for metabolic problems, sugar is definitely something that should be avoided whenever possible. [...Read More]

6 Ways to Improve Your Eating Habits in 2015

Fresh Vegetables at Market For many people, the number one New Year's resolution is to improve their diet. Whether you want to lose weight, gain more energy or be a better role model for your children, it can be tough to know what changes are most important and how to implement them. To start your year off successfully, these are the top six ways to improve your eating habits in 2015. [...Read More]

What’s the Deal with the Fermented Food Trend?

SauerkrautA decade ago, hearing that something was fermented might mean that you threw it into the garbage. Today, however, fermented foods are flying off the grocery store shelves, and they are poised to become the newest superfood. [...Read More]

The Rise of Alternative Cooking Oils

Cooking Oils Although there was a brief period in the 1980s and 1990s where a low-fat diet was strongly encouraged, most medical professionals now believe that including some healthy fats in the daily diet is a smart and healthy choice. [...Read More]

What You Will Study in a Culinary Degree Program

Culinary StudentIf you are serious about becoming a culinary professional, then earning a degree should be the first step towards your new career. Whether you are interested in working as an executive chef in an upscale restaurant, running your own food truck or crafting beautiful desserts in a bakery, an associate or bachelor's degree program in the culinary arts will prepare you. Find out what you can expect from these culinary degree programs below, and get excited for journey to culinary success. [...Read More]

How Much Do You Really Know About That Shaker of Salt?

Salt Even if you never cook at home, you barely know how to boil water and your fridge is packed with takeout containers, you still probably have at least two major condiments at home: salt and pepper. Although salt is a huge part of your daily diet and an integral piece of a healthy body, most people don't give it a second thought. Find out why salt is so important to human health, the significant of salt in human history and what kinds of salt are currently used in cooking and food processing today. [...Read More]

Tips for Diabetics to Get Through the Holidays

Sweets and TreatsThe holiday season is a wonderful time full of goodwill, beautiful decorations and lots of delicious food. For diabetics, or those without the ability to produce or regulate insulin, the Christmas season can also feel like a minefield. Plates of cookies, heavy carbohydrate-rich meals and endless drinks can lead to blood sugar fluctuations that leave you feeling exhausted rather than merry. The following tips can help diabetics make it through the holidays with their cheer intact. [...Read More]

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