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10 Tasty and Healthy Snack Ideas

Boring SnacksWhether you are a busy professional looking for a healthier alternative to the vending machine this afternoon or the parent of a child who is consuming too many sugary treats, finding healthy snacks can be exactly what you need. [...Read More]

6 Great Ideas for Healthy Breakfasts on the Fly

BreakfastFor decades, research has made it clear that starting the day with a healthy breakfast is the best option. Whether you want to boost brain function, enjoy more energy while you are at work, perform at the highest level athletically or lose weight, having a healthy breakfast is key. [...Read More]

10 Popular Vegetarian Foods Everybody Loves

Vegetables Are A MustThere are a variety of different reasons to cook a vegetarian meal, just some of which might include cutting down your food budget, reducing overall calories or simply meeting the dietary restrictions of a family member or guest. [...Read More]

8 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

Find Your Way to a Healthier YouWhether you are a foodie, an aspiring chef or someone who works long hours, you might find that healthy eating takes a backseat to convenience or even taste. However, food is as much a medicine as any prescription from a doctor, and the right diet can give you more energy, higher immunity and a fitter, stronger body. [...Read More]

Restaurant and Catering Management Careers Begin with the Right Training

ManagementAll too often, people forget that there is more to a restaurant than just the chef. A large team of employees work together to ensure that all customers enjoy their dining experience, and the team is led by a restaurant manager. This integral position is not easy, but it can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for the right candidates in the industry. [...Read More]

Pursuing a Career in Professional Cake Decorating

Cake DecoratorsThere are few people on the planet who don't love the look, and taste, of a beautifully decorated slice of cake. While cakes are primarily designed to be delicious, there is no question that the adage, "Eating with your eyes," is particularly true when it comes to beautiful pastries and cakes. [...Read More]

How Current Culinary Trends Can Affect Your Culinary Career Path

Popular Culinary TrendsGood food never goes out of style, but there are unquestionably trends that come in and out of fashion in the culinary world. These trends might be around for just a year or two, or they might spark a whole new way of food preparation and consumption that lasts for years. Gluten-free food, for example, is a trend that emerged from a health concern but expanded rapidly to include healthy individuals who just prefer that way of eating. [...Read More]

6 Ways to Get Ready for a Culinary Career

Learn How to CookFood may be a basic need, but for many people, it is anything but ordinary. Food can be a way to bring people together, a way to strengthen bonds and a way to begin new relationships. Food has the potential to improve your mood or show someone that you care. [...Read More]

Culinary Schools & Sustainable Cooking

Sustainable FoodOne of the biggest buzzwords in the culinary industry is sustainability. Essentially, sustainable food refers to the goal of growing agricultural crops that don't harm the environment, protecting the natural resources we need to continue to grow food, protecting small farmers rather than large multinational corporations and promoting the welfare of animals used in the food industry. [...Read More]

Pastry Chefs & The Cup Cake

Pastry Chefs RockFor decades, cupcakes were little more than treats loved by children. Cupcakes might be brought to school birthday parties, or they were the miniature version of the cake that adults might enjoy a slice of at a holiday event. Today, however, it is hard to imagine a bakery or a patisserie without a range of gourmet cupcakes lining the shelves of the pastry cases. [...Read More]

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