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Where Can Your Hotel Management Degree Take You?

Female Hotel ManagerWhether you opt for an associate or bachelor's degree in hotel management, you will graduate with a range of job opportunities available to you. Although the majority of degree holders will go on to work in hotels or other types of guest accommodation, that isn't the only path open to graduates. [...Read More]

6 Fresh Dinner Ideas For Spring

Stuffed TomatoesSpring is in the air, the temperatures are getting warmer, and meals are shifting away from the heavy comfort foods of winter. Each week, fresh produce makes its way into stores, and these dinner ideas are the perfect way to take advantage of these delicious ingredients. [...Read More]

Take Your Love of Food Overseas with a Culinary Degree

chef Earning a culinary degree can open a variety of doors to graduates. However, many people forget that your culinary training can come in a variety of forms. In fact, it is possible to attend a culinary school and earn a degree in the field of travel and tourism. [...Read More]

Street Food Appetizers: The Hottest New Culinary Trend

Falafel Every year, the National Restaurant Association releases a report detailing some of the biggest food and drink trends of the year. In 2015, the forecast emphasized the rising popularity of street food appetizers in restaurants. This is the idea of branching out from traditional appetizers and bringing in classics typically sold by street vendors. [...Read More]

Spice Up Your Health by Spicing Up Your Cooking

Spices It is no secret that spices can make or break a meal. What would blackened salmon be without a coat of spices? What would curry be without its spicy flavor profile? [...Read More]

4 Easy Make and Freeze Entrees For Busy Weeknights

Preparing DinnerEven if you have the best intentions, it can be tough to pull together a fresh, healthy meal after a busy day of work, school or taking care of the kids. As an alternative to fast food or expensive restaurant meals, consider making a few dishes ahead of time and popping them into the freezer. [...Read More]

7 Foods With the Potential to Reduce Stress

AsparagusStress can become a huge problem in your life, and it can even effect things like your quality of sleep, your weight, your relationships with family and your overall health. Whether stress is because of a challenging job, marital problems, children or financial concerns, one of the best ways to combat it is through your diet. [...Read More]

7 Characteristics of a Successful Chef

Pretty Female ChefThe world's most successful chefs all have one thing in common: an exceptional ability in the kitchen. However, skills preparing food are not everything when it comes to finding success in the culinary field. Many of the world's most successful chefs have one or all of these seven characteristics. [...Read More]

8 Things You’ll Learn When You Study Catering

Caterers If you want to become a caterer, the first step will be getting the training and education required to succeed in the culinary field. Catering is a challenging but rewarding career, which also means that there is a lot of competition. [...Read More]

6 Questions to Ask When Considering a Culinary Arts School

Male Chef Although it is possible to begin a culinary career without a formal education in the field, most professional chefs know that attending a culinary arts school can be a great way to break into the industry. You'll hone your skills, discover your niche, network with potential employers and be able to interview and accept a range of different positions. [...Read More]

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