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5 Easy Ideas for Christmas Morning Breakfast

Breakfast Casserole For most people who celebrate Christmas, the biggest meal of the day starts in the afternoon or evening and features a turkey or perhaps a ham. To start the holiday off sweetly, however, a great breakfast is key. Rather than spending hours preparing a feast, try out one of these five easy ideas for a memorable and delicious Christmas morning breakfast. [...Read More]

5 Ways to Simplify Your Holiday Cooking

Holiday Meal with FamilyCooking for friends and family members over the holidays can be a lot of fun, and a fantastic meal is the perfect way to make wonderful memories for years to come. However, cooking for a crowd can also be stressful, especially when you're preparing a significant meal like a Christmas turkey with all the sides. To make it easier, keep in mind these five ways to simplify your holiday cooking. [...Read More]

Holiday Alternatives for the Vegetarians in Your Life

Women CookingWhether you are a vegetarian or you're hosting a Christmas meal that will be attended by vegetarian family members, you might want to investigate some alternative dishes that appeal to all tastes and dining preferences. While you can still opt to have a turkey take center stage on Christmas, you might also want to include some tasty dishes that don't contain any meat. Whether you want to stick to traditional holiday cuisine or branch out, these ideas are the perfect way to get started and plan an unforgettable meal that carnivores and herbivores alike will enjoy. [...Read More]

Finding the Right Path in the Culinary Industry

Chef Discussing Menu Love food? So do a lot of people. If you want to get ahead in the culinary industry, which can be incredibly competitive, you have to have a plan. The first step in that plan should be narrowing down the many options in the field and settling on a path that can get you to your dream career. The following tips can help you determine the right path for your culinary goals and your future. [...Read More]

6 Reasons Quinoa is a Great Addition to Your Diet

QuinoaEvery few years, there are a handful of superfoods that pop up in magazines, healthy cooking shows, blogs and even on the news. Their benefits are touted time and again, but some home cooks simply don't know how to pronounce, use or even find these unusual ingredients. Quinoa might have a strange sounding name - it's pronounced "keen-wah” - but it also has some amazing health benefits. Don't be shy about this incredible ingredient! It can be found in most grocery stores in the bagged grain aisle next to things like oatmeal or rice. Try it for yourself and discover all of the following benefits that this grain offers. [...Read More]

Explore the Culinary Scene and Cooking School Opportunities in Portland

Portland Oregon City of RosesAlthough the technical capital of Oregon is the city of Salem, Portland is unquestionably the state's cultural and culinary capital. Halfway between Seattle and San Francisco, Portland embodies the laid-back spirit of the Pacific Northwest. That's not to say, however, that its culinary offerings are ordinary. Portland is known for being a progressive, liberal city with a focus on all things local. If you are an aspiring chef, restaurant manager or any other type of culinary professional, get excited for all that Portland, Oregon, has to offer. [...Read More]

A Day in the Life of a Cup Cake Diva

Cupcakes Make Life SweeterIf you've ever walked past a beautifully decorated bakery and thought about how wonderful it would be to work there, then you may have also thought about pursuing a career in the pastry arts. With a degree in baking or the pastry arts, you could be ready to work in a bakery, run your own cupcake store or operate a quaint pastry shop selling all sorts of sweet treats. Before committing to this career, step into the shoes of a cupcake diva and see what life is like for a pastry shop owner. [...Read More]

So You Think You Can Cook!

Professional ChefAlthough cooking might be something that a lot of people do, actually becoming a chef involves a lot more than just cooking for your family a few nights each week. If you think you have what it takes, answer some of these questions to find out whether you can really cook, you know what becoming a chef will take and you are ready to take the next step in your culinary education. [...Read More]

Pairing Wines with Food 101

Glasses of WineWhether you are throwing a big cocktail party, planning a holiday meal for your whole family or just trying to impress a few friends by picking out the perfect wine, it is important to remember the relationship between food and wine. The right bottle of wine can highlight the flavors of the cuisine, making both the wine and the meal taste better. [...Read More]

Culinary Trends and Opportunities for Culinary Degrees in Albuquerque New Mexico

New Mexico Culinary SchoolsWhen it comes to the top spots in the country to get a culinary education, some of the first places that spring to mind might be Chicago, New York City, Seattle or even Los Angeles. [...Read More]

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