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5 Deliciously Different Salads to Try

SaladSalads have a lot going for them, not least of which is how easy they are to prepare and how packed with nutrition they can be. However, if you only ever make boring, basic salads with lettuce, tomato and a bit of cucumber, you could be missing out on the wide range of flavors that a great salad can offer. [...Read More]

Awesome Appetizers Perfect for Game Day Parties

Caprese Salad On SkewersWhether you're hosting the next game day party or you don't want to show up at a friend's party empty handed, appetizers are a must. Finger foods and easy to eat snacks are often the top picks so that hungry guests can dine without getting distracted from the action happening on the screen. [...Read More]

6 Easy Herbs to Grow for Your Kitchen

Windowsill Herb GardenFor apartment dwellers or anyone who doesn't relish the idea of spending the weekends tending to a big garden, access to fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables might feel like a distant dream. However, even without a green thumb, you can grow a thriving herb garden with very little space. [...Read More]

Explore the Many Certifications Available From Le Cordon Bleu

Professional Chef and StudentsIf you have spent any time at all in the cooking world, there's a good chance you are already familiar with the name Le Cordon Bleu. Translated into English, Le Cordon Bleu means the blue ribbon, and it is arguably the best culinary education institute on the planet. [...Read More]

Embracing Environmental Sustainability in the Food Industry

Dried PeasMost people would agree that environmental sustainability in the good thing. Protecting the environment means preventing or limiting potentially disastrous effects in the form of global warming, and it can also help preserve and protect the natural resources that future generations will need. [...Read More]

The Advantages of Eating Unprocessed Foods

Young Female ChefA typical grocery store in the United States carries around 40,000 different items on its shelves. Grocery stores make the biggest profits on processed and packaged items, or those boxed snacks, cookies and manufactured items found in the center aisles of the store. [...Read More]

The Benefits of Cooking and Eating With These 6 Ancient Grains

GrainsWith the Paleo diet taking over and eating like a caveman increasing in popularity, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many people are drawn to more traditional foods. In particular, ancient grains are a hot topic and a trendy item destined to become even more popular in the future. [...Read More]

The Rise of Gluten-Free Food

Gluten FreeA decade ago, waitresses might have looked at you strangely if you asked for a gluten-free menu in a restaurant. Today, no one would think twice about asking the chef if a soup contains gluten, and grocery stores often have entire aisles devoted to gluten-free products. [...Read More]

Savvy Ways to Stop Wasting Food at Home

Grocery Shopping With a ListStatistics reveal that Americans waste as much as 40 percent of the food they purchase each year. Not only is that a disgrace when you consider how many people around the world are malnourished and underfed, but it can also be a drain on your budget. [...Read More]

How California’s Drought Affects Chefs and Diners

DroughtEvery 20 to 50 years in California, a major drought emerges. Currently, the state's drought is gaining national attention, and everyone from politicians to celebrities are supporting water conservation and awareness. [...Read More]

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